best wall mounted tv cabinet review

5 Best Wall Mounted TV Cabinet Reviews

Designing the living room is a task that can consume lots of time and effort. You desire to get the entire lot precise and position the wall-mounted tv cabinet in a manner that highlights your room’s best aspects. One of the chief items in the mainstream of living rooms is a TV.

Whether you spend a lot of time watching TV or you only sit down to get familiar with the evening news, the positioning of your television makes a huge impact on the living room. Several spaces cannot house the television straight in the middle of your room, and in such cases, you might need to find a wall-mounted tv cabinet. Though, selecting a TV cabinet can be an intimidating task bearing in mind the number of materials and styles that are obtainable in the marketplace.

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Numerous TV stands are well-thought-out to be the focus of a room. If one is a binge-watcher or simply love watching the favored shows on weekends, it is indispensable to invest in a superior TV cabinet to make the living space much more alluring and cheerful. The excellent news is, there exists an enormous range of TV cabinets obtainable in the marketplace in different sizes, shapes, brands, and materials.

Wall Mounted TV Cabinet Review

Urban TV cabinets are one of the trendiest alternatives in the modern world of today. Thanks to web-based shopping, purchasing furniture has turned into an easier task than ever. You can surf via the innumerable TV cabinet designs and select one that can match the existing decoration of your room. What is more, once you purchase furniture on the web, you can select from an extensive range of preferences and benefit from great discounts on the purchase. TV cabinets can be completed from a diversity of materials counting engineered wood, solid wood, glass, and metal.

You can contemplate your room’s decor plus your financial plan before opting for one. If you desire to add an ageless appeal to the room, a TV cabinet made of high-quality material shall be a perfect choice. Wooden fittings can have diverse surface tones thus you can choose one depending on the room’s existing fixtures. You are sure to find the faultless abode for your whole entertainment center with one of the best-quality TV cabinets.

Select from stylish and innovative tv cabinets units meant to gracefully store your favorite Blu-ray players, gaming consoles and TV box sets. Whether one likes the rustic appearance or favors clean lines and simple contemporary design, you will find what you are searching for in the variety of tv cabinets. There is a huge choice of high-quality materials, from rock-solid oak to mahogany- or the walnut-effect. And for individuals attracted by glass and metal, there are sufficient high-gloss modern designs for the living room.

The following are the 10 Best wall mounted tv cabinets Reviewed:

1. Nantucket Shutter Front Wall Mounted TV Cabinet – White (Editors Top PICK)

If you are looking to decrease the family’s TV time, or only want an ornamental answer to making the TV area tidy and neat and search no further than Belham Living Nantucket Shutter Front TV Wall Cabinet. The smart design enhances instant plea to your living room thanks to the definitive mixture of shuttered panels and white finish. The twofold doors keep your TV hidden, and the cabinetry is made of engineered wood plus wood veneer.


Nantucket Shutter Front Wall Mounted TV Cabinet-min


  • Typical assemblage time consumes 4 hours


  • Products necessitating additional work might result in a modernized approximation from the supplier.

2. EZY-B Artistically Concealed TV Cabinet with doors – for Wall Mounted Televisions

This tv cabinet is meant to permit you to insert whichever artwork, print or poster 24 by 36 or slighter. The art can be transformed rapidly and effortlessly without tools. Making a cabinet using art that can continuously match the decor. The concealed TV cabinet is built from ¾” solid pine plus the picture frame is 1 ¼ inches solid Ash. It fits TVs equal to 39″ on full motion articulating stands. Measurements are in inches (H by W by D): Interior: 24″ by 34″ by 7” while the exterior is 27 5/8” by 37 5/8” by 8” and its picture frame: 26” by 38” by 1”.

EZY-B Artistically Concealed TV Cabinet with doors - for Wall Mounted Televisions-min


  • Converts the TV in whichever room to art. Permits the custom decoration to be a central point, not a huge black box.
  • The TV Cabinet tucks the electronics plus cables away, concealed and out of your visitor’s site. It, therefore, offers a neat plus clean appearance.


  • Limited viewing angle and height

3. BRICO – Floating TV Cabinet/Hanging TV Stand Wall Unit

Discover fashionable, contemporary and sophisticated TV cabinet which will flawlessly fit your living-room. If you stay in a studio or a flat or even in a remarkable residence this unit of furniture shall let you expose the audio-visual gear. Don’t fail to recall to add an LED alternative, which will unquestionably highlight the unit’s marvel. Have a closer look, hence you will not miss one explicit detail: note that Brico was meant to be positioned right on the wall! This floating tv cabinet is without doubt one of a kind!

BRICO - Floating TV Cabinet Hanging TV Stand Wall Unit-min


  • The floating TV Cabinet combines practical and contemporary design
  • Hard-wearing matte body surface with lovely gloss front door boards
  • Good-looking glass door inserts permit LED lighting to gleam through and improve the atmosphere in your living room.


  • A bit weighty (23 kgs)

4. EZY-B Concealed Wall Mounted TV Cabinet with Artwork Doors

Akin to the EZY-B Artistically Concealed TV Cabinet with artwork doors is designed to let you insert any artwork or print. The artwork can be changed swiftly and effortlessly devoid of tools. Making a cabinet with art will always go well with the design.

EZY-B Concealed Wall Mounted TV Cabinet with Artwork Doors-min


  • The TV Cabinet tucks the electronics plus wires away, buried and form your site.
  • Offering a neat and amazing look.
  • Fits TVs equal to 55″ on complete motion articulating stands.


  • The artwork isn’t so long-lasting

5. Hahaemall Vintage Decorative 5FT Sliding Mini Barn Door Hardware Kit for Wall Mounted TV Cabinet

The miniature gliding barn door hardware is meant for cabinet plus TV stand. It offers sufficient dust-free storage, suitable for usage, stress-free to clean up, smart and has decoration.

Hahaemall Vintage Decorative 5FT Sliding Mini Barn Door Hardware Kit for Wall Mounted TV Cabinet-min


  • Black frosted, with corrosion defense material and top-quality Steel.
  • Very thorough and pictorial instruction. The manual explains each step with pictures and words and all data is measured in inches. It is so easy for one to get a reference in the course of its installation.


  • The price does not include duties or taxes.

Buying Guide

If you want to make a bold statement, the crisp quality of the TV cabinets will promptly revive the decor of any room. Have the most of each nook and cranny in the living space with a wall-mounted tv cabinet, meant to fit cozily against walls that converge at an angle.

While shopping for a new LCD HDTV, LED TV or plasma television it is significant to also reflect the TV cabinet the television is set to be positioned on. Wall-mounted TV cabinets are more urbane than ever before, those days of unpleasant MDF TV cabinets are long gone and the marketplace now provides a wide variety of LED, Plasma and LCD tv cabinets in a wide variety of appearances.

Most TV cabinets trait enclosed designs, that protects video and audio components inside the TV cabinet, though it is significant to make sure that your TV cabinet possesses an open back or a detachable back panel, or else you might discover that some AV apparatus or game consoles may overheat, and that can have a harmful effect on durability and performance.

Some replicas of TV cabinets have a forward-thinking cable organization system that allows wires to be run from the interior of your cabinet to the exterior and some even permit cables to get run from one compartment to another. TV cabinets typically trait height modifiable shelves however some models oversee this valuable feature, always methodically check the inner measurements against the dimensions of the AV components afore purchasing your TV cabinet.

Many TV cabinets come flat packed though some extravagance models are completed as totally assembled units. High luster wall-mounted TV cabinets are idyllic for modern rooms while innate wood finishes are more suitable to outmoded settings.

If you necessitate a wall-mounted TV cabinet to go with your existing surroundings or furniture it could be worthwhile asking the vendor to offer a sample, each tv cabinet has a unique color consequently the only means to be certain is to request for a mockup. It is advisable against not to go for solid wood wall-mounted TV cabinets except if they trait a backup metal framework.


Q – Do you have young ones?

You might be astonished why is this pertinent, nonetheless, it is significant when choosing various selections. For instance, it would not be recommendable choosing a TV stand as young kids have been identified to climb onto them which might root damage to your furniture, and in risky circumstances might cause injury if the unit was to fall on them.

Also, it would be advisable not to go for darker high luster colors (such as dark brown, black and so forth.) as these are inclined to bring to light fingerprints much more, consequently they as well have somewhat higher maintenance when the kid’s little fingers are around.

Q2 – Do you need cable management?

When you choose your TV unit you need to plan ahead for which sections will store your a/v equipment – this then allows you to add in cable holes in the back of those areas to feed through wires and cables.

Q3 – Which functionality are you looking for?

If you are looking for a simple stand that does not have any additional features – the choice will be relatively simple. If, however, you are looking for a model that features an additional storage capacity, the choice in major furniture stores will be almost overwhelming.

Extra shelves, cabinets, display stands – even complete living room units with integrated TV stands – the sky will be your limit. When choosing a unit, you’ll need to consider the width and measure your room – there’s nothing worse than getting your lovely new furniture home to find it doesn’t quite fit!

For larger lounges, you may want to pick a striking TV unit as an eye-catching centerpiece. A modern, chunky TV stand in glossy white is a great option for these spaces, allowing you to store all your electronics in one place. Our fab corner cabinets are the perfect choice if you’re short on space. With shelving for digital boxes and DVD players, plus handy cupboards to lock games and DVDs out of sight, they’re a great way to make the most of your room.

Q4 – What is the appropriate height for your wall mounted tv cabinet?

Once you have calculated the best height for your TV in relation to seating height, you can think about TV stand height. The TV stands you choose dictates the height at which the TV will be set so this is an important decision. Low sofas and chairs require low TV stands and vice versa. It is also often possible to customize a coffee table in order to tweak the height.


Whether you have a huge flat screen in your living room or something more modest in your bedroom, your TV will look great when it’s on a stand. The right TV stand not only makes viewing better but also enhances the aesthetics of your room.

Sitting back comfortably and enjoying one’s favorite TV show is the idea of fun and relaxation for many of us. Televisions have become such an important medium of entertainment, relaxation, information and family time. A TV equipped with the right sound system and the perfect comfortable TV cabinet to rest on is ideal and immediately brings in a sense of comfort.

While you enjoy relaxing in a comfortable chair or sofa, why not give some support to the TV too? With the TV and home entertainment system neatly propped up on a TV stand, your home will look neat, organized and so much more stylish. Choosing a TV stand requires attention to the overall theme and style of your home.

You ought to get a stand that beautifully integrates with the rest of the furniture and decor. At Furniture in Fashion, we offer a wide range of TV units to match varying styles, budgets and needs. We cater to different styles and sizes and you can pick the one that best compliments your personal sense of style.

Your new TV cabinet can be practical and satisfy your personal aesthetic at the same time. Whether you want to hang your TV on the wall or showcase it on a fashionable lacquer console, there are dozens of choices waiting for you to discover. Start looking for your new favorite today so you can enjoy watching sports, movies, and programs today.

All TV stands today will take care of all your concerns about weight, size, functionality, and style. You might not want to have your LCD or your Plasma sticking out in the room and this could be a distraction to your style scheme in your living area.

If this is an issue for you, you may want to consider getting a modern or traditional TV cabinet that is not bulky, today’s options allow the cabinet to fit nicely with the television without compromising space and design. A TV cabinet would hide your TV, give the room a stylish look, and offer height and stability to your media center. These modern cabinets are still considered a type of stand that will help you to take the focus off of your television and maintain the style of the room.

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