How to Iron Without an iron boards

How to Iron Without an Iron Boards?

There are a plethora of households that don’t possess an ironing board since there isn’t space for storing one, cash is tight or merely hate the task. However, you can still look respectable by learning other ways to iron clothes devoid of an ironing board. If you own stone or wooden table at home, this can be an excellent substitute to the ironing board.

These substances are firm and can endure a certain quantity of heat. Tables made from plastic and other types of surfaces that are susceptible to melting while in contact with too much heat should indeed be shunned. Some individuals likewise use the floor or their kitchen countertop to do the ironing. It does not matter provided that the surface is steady and can take in a certain quantity of heat.

The following are several alternatives of how to iron without an ironing board

A Table

If the floor is a bit low for you, your table is the next alternative. You do not have to kneel or bend to iron the clothes on a table. There are various sorts of tables nonetheless the best is the wooden table. If it is sturdy, the surface might not be affected in the event you bang an iron on it as it is the situation with the glass counter table.

Wooden tables have excellent edges akin to an ironing board; thus you can iron the shoulders effortlessly. Nevertheless, tables have a slighter surface in comparison with the floors.

Consequently, you might have to iron a part of your clothing at a time. Make sure the apparel you are ironing doesn’t hang plus touch a dirty surface or floor. Pick out a table with an excellent height so that you can frequently iron devoid of back difficulties. The most excellent tables to iron on are those tables having a wooden top.

Find the table that is near to your power source or takes it close to one to circumvent having a wire crossing the room. With a power source near to you, it is stress-free to switch it off if you necessitate getting attires to or from your other places. Keep the hot iron away from others once you complete the ironing task.

A Kitchen Counter

It is amongst the best substitutes since there is a power source close to it and it has a large working area. Numerous counters are completed from tile, that is strong and heat resistant.

Though some counters may be a bit high plus you might have to be standing on your tip toes to reach the furthermost corners of the clothing while ironing. If the counter has cracks or dents on the surface, get a thick blanket that will even your ironing surface.

The greasy stains might not stick to the clothes since you shall have a blanket amid the surface and the garment, but then again it shall leave a stain on your blanket. Grease shall likewise make the towel or blanket slide while you iron. Make sure the surface is waterless, and there is no grease on it. Avoid a surface that is near to a tap being employed by the rest of the house members as you iron.

Your Bed

The bed is an excellent substitute to an ironing board for copious reasons. Most prominently, it is proximate to your closet; consequently, you can fetch anything you need to iron out and back into a closet. Furthermore, it has an enormous working area that you can work front on each side. You can as well seat when ironing.

You can iron on a bed during the morning hours after a shower in case you necessitate pressing a garment speedily and rush to work. There isn’t the movement of fixtures needed and no need for preparation work like cleaning the surface. The solitary disadvantage is if the mattress sinks and the surface appears warped, and you will not iron the shoulders of blouses and shirts as you would with a table.

Take out the duvet, or whichever lace-up bedspread to disclose the bed sheets. The duvet is usually puffed, and it won’t offer you a steady base. Besides, if your ironing towel isn’t thick, you may destroy the surface of the lace bed cover or duvet.


Some homes don’t have the room to add the ironing board and its storage space. Additionally, it is not an idyllic investment for individuals who are always moving and staying in tiny spaces. With the above samples of places to iron the garments, it is evident that one can put on ironed clothes devoid of purchasing an ironing board. You simply require to get an area that will work for you with respect to the sort of clothes you need to iron plus the height you expect for an ironing surface.

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