Best TV Wall Mount with Shelf Review

The 8 Best TV Wall Mount with Shelf For 2023

There are lots of types of TV wall mount with shelf accessible to cater to a wide diversity of customers requirements. Each one is meant to proffer utmost expediency while the appearance is guaranteed to grab the attention of each and all.

If you are searching for fixed wall mounts for your flat-screen television, flat panels or also Ultra Slim flat-panel televisions there is a wide assortment to select from. They are meant to make it trouble-free to fix and mount your TVs. As the reputation of Plasma TVs and flat-screen TVs rise with each passing day, the tendency has changed to mounting on walls instead of employing TV cabinets.

8 Best TV Wall Mount with Shelf In 2023 Available Online

Wall mount shelves are well-built hard-wearing pieces of metal that can be fixed with the aid of screws and nuts to create a stand which can hold the TV expediently. All you require doing is bore holes on the walls to keep them held. Mounted shelves in fixed types are employed to hand the Flat Screen and Plasma TV like a picture frame.

Swivel sort mounts can be shifted on its pivot to make easy watching from whichever angle or whichever corner of the room. Whereas there can be some levels of anxiety about the aptitude to take the load of a top-quality TV set, there is, in fact, no reason to fear. TV mounts are weight-bearing studs plus can hold the weight of any TV and more. There is a twofold security arrangement.

1. Mounting Dream, MD2413-KT Full Motion TV Wall Mount (Editors Top PICK)

This TV mount is made with 2 shelves with an ultimate load capacity of 22 lbs for each shelf. The shelves permit you to keep every one of your media constituents provided that they do not go beyond the suggested weight.

Also, it appropriate for 26 to 55” TV plus can support equal to 60 pounds. This television mount is entirely purposeful and can permit +/-90° Swivel plus +/-5° rotate and +5°/-15° tilt for most excellent TV watching experience. It as well allows a squat sitting profile of 2.9 inches from your wall and can be lengthened to 19.4. Last, of all, it also permits outstanding cable organization that brings in a clean look.

Mounting Dream, MD2413-KT Full Motion TV Wall Mount-min


  • Every one of the hardware is a constraint of Hazardous Substance certified and therefore safe.
  • Is made with 4 holes that permit alteration of the shelves letting them put up various heights of gear.

2. AVF, ESL422B-T Tilt and Turn TV Mount with 2 AV Shelves

This AVF TV wall mount can effortlessly turn and tilt your TV so that you attain the ideal watching angle. The tilting traits also assist in decreasing glare. Besides, this television mount can rotate up to 24 degrees. The load capacity of this TV wall mount is around 66lbs. On top, it has a component shelf that can support up to 22 pounds of AV constituents. The Yellow strips marked “Easy-click” permit you to secure fixing. The mount comes with installation stud and hardware.

AVF, ESL422B-T Tilt and Turn TV Mount with 2 AV Shelves-min


  • Its glass shelf has a measurement of 17 inches (width) by 13.5 inches (depth).
  • The middle column covers cords and permits height alterations of your shelves.

3. TV Wall Mount with Shelf By Aeon Stands and Mounts,

Are you searching for a fresh method to create extra room in your dwelling? Well, it’s about time that you purchase this Swiveling TV wall mount from Aeon. The moment you holster up your television on the wall, you do not have to sort out unpleasant games consoles, and cables scattered over the room.

They incorporated three shelves provide extra space to put all your constituents like satellite box, cables, DVD Player and more. Moreover, it has a dedicated channel meant to hide all the cables. Furthermore, this TV wall mount has the aptitude to tilt to any direction you desire up to 12 degrees in the direction of the viewing region if the TV mount part is pivoted.

Aeon Stands and Mounts, Swiveling TV Wall Mount with Three Shelves-min


  • This wall mount can work at ease with televisions from 32 to 60 inches in dimension and weighing up to around 80 pounds.
  • Additionally, every shelf can sustain up to 35 pounds. Its shelves measure 14” in depth.

4. Mount Plus, 322STEDV Ultra Low Profile TV Tilt Wall Mount with One Glass Shelf

This wall mount plus TV mount has 2 shelves that are changeable consequently one can transfer them to fit DVD, Stereo, XBOX, and other media paraphernalia. Also, this TV wall mount is well-matched with numerous TV brands like Panasonic, LG, Sony, Sanyo, and many others.

Thus whatsoever make of TV you own there is a high possibility that this mount shall not let you down. Lastly, this TV mount is meant for mounting 26-46 inch televisions and has a maximum load capacity of about 80 pounds.

Mount Plus, 322STEDV Ultra Low Profile TV Tilt Wall Mount with One Glass Shelf-min


  • This TV wall mount has a low down profile and can as well permit a frontward tilt of up to around 15 degrees.
  • It has installation hardware plus supports two 16” stud installation.

5. VIVO, Black TV Wall Mount with Shelf Adjustable Tilt and Entertainment Floating Shelf

The VIVO TV wall mount has a tempered glass shelf for offering room for putting your AV equipment. Furthermore, it can mount TV sizes of 23-55 inch, and its load capacity is 66 pounds. It as well comprises exciting features like -20 to +20 degrees lean plus 90 degrees TV rotation.

This permits you to find the best watching angles. This TV wall mount as well has a cable management system for organizing and concealing any wires from sight. Its arms are modifiable and may be pressed back near to the wall to let a low profile or lengthened externally up to 15.5 inches. This TV wall mount is well-suited for many TV brands and mounting and assembly it is uncomplicated.

VIVO, Black TV Adjustable Tilt Wall Mount and Entertainment Floating Shelf-min


  • It has cable clips that assist in protecting them; consequently, they do not wind up messy and tangled.
  • The shelf dimensions are 14″ by 10″ plus it is 5mm wide with a load capacity of about 22lbs.

6. Fleximounts Arm 32-60 inch TV LCD Monitor, TV Wall Mount with Shelf

The Fleximounts TV wall mount is made to be compatible with TV sizes of 32-60 inches. It can contentedly hold up a maximum load of around 246 lbs. One of the traits about this TV wall mount is that permits you to slant your television between -2° to +12 while you desire to have better viewing plus decrease glare from your TV. Also, this television mount is completed from superior, rust-resistant, cold roll steel; consequently it is hard-wearing and shall serve you for many years.

Fleximounts Arm 32-60 inch TV LCD Monitor Wall Mount-min


  • It has a tidy cable management system that conceals and organizes any hanging wire consequently making your room clutter-free.
  • This TV wall mount is as well UL certified, and that incorporates protection testing weight for its load capacity

7. TV Wall Mount with Shelf, BLG-00024 with 2′ Smart Shelf

This TV was mount is made to provide room to keep your stereo and media components plus as well keep the TV and cables on the wall neat to evade unintentional knockdowns. It is apt for 32 inch TV plus can contentedly hold bigger TVs with a maximum heaviness of 30lbs.

The dimension of the shelf is 24 x 12 x 5/16″, and as a result, it is sufficient to carry your audio and video gadgets. The shelf is affixed to its arms using suction cups. Moreover, this TV wall mount has a fantastic wire management system that hides all your cables tidily at the back of the TV hence you shall be left with tangle free exhibit.

TV Wall Mount Shelf, BLG-00024 with 2′ Smart Shelf-min


  • This shelf is completed from 1/4″ thick high-class tempered glass.
  • This TV wall mount has a design of accurate machine cut arm and comes with an e-coat finish

8. OmniMount, ECSB Component Shelf TV Wall Mount with Shelf

OmniMount TV wall mount aids you to attain a clean and modern look in your residence. It does that owing to the built-in shelf that one can employ to keep the TV constituents plus a wall plate that assists in hiding cables and bolts thus you have a mess-free setting. Also, this television mount has a pivoting arm for permitting one to rotate the TV to have a great view of your screen. Installation is simple, due to the incorporated hardware equipment and user guide.

OmniMount, ECSB Component Shelf Wall Shelf for TVs-min


  • It is obtainable in clear and black glass.
  • The shelf’s maximum weight capacity is 30 pounds.

Buying guide

One of the benefits of a flat-panel TV’s weightlessness and slender depth is the aptitude to mount it straight in a wall in your residence. Whereas all flat-panel televisions come with platforms that permit them to be put on a television stand, TV wall-mounting can save space and enhance the visuals of the room.

There are numerous kinds of TV wall mounts in the marketplace nowadays, consequently here is what you shall require to recognize when settling on a TV wall mount. You have already used a lot of cash on the TVs themselves; thus your finances may by now be stretched out a bit thin.

Fortunately, the wall mounts have a broad mixture of prices to keep the budget secure plus protect the asset you bought. There are fundamental models in the market that shall cost you less, plus even some of the high-end models that are still only a portion of the price of what the TV set cost.

For below $200 you can acquire a bracket that will hold your 60″ screen safely and securely, fastening it into position to avoid damage and theft. By mulling about TV brackets in ordinary terms plus putting explanations about TV wall mounts, it helps to shed light on what precisely a TV wall-mount with shelf can do for every different kind of business, not just bars and restaurants.

If the TV wall mounts with trays do grab your attention, it is advisable to carry out some online research. There is a wide assortment of reasonably priced mounts out there for one to select from; thus have fun discovering!

To put it briefly

  1. Verify the general size of the TV plus the brackets maximum capability, as well check the television’s mounting holes to guarantee compatibility.
  2. Dwell on the cabling ahead of ordering to ensure you shall have space to plug the TV in plus a system to handle loose wiring.
  3. Think concerning where you feel like placing your other gear.
  4. Make up your mind if you desire a tilting or swiveling bracket.


1) Which TV wall mount is apt for me?

To select the apt mount, initially decide what type of movement you would want the TV to have, or if you favor mounting it in a permanent position. Next, make sure that the TV mount you buy is rated for the weight and size of the TV. All key brands shall list the recommended load maximums of their TV mounts.

Adhering to such constraints shall keep the mount from dropping beneath the heaviness of a television that is too weighty or worse causing injury or damage after failing mechanically. Most TV wall mounts tag along with compatibility principles set by VESA (the Video Electronics Standards Association).

The VESA TV mounting prototype is a set of 4 screw holes positioned in a rectangle at the back of the TV, and matching holes with the equivalent spacing on the wall mount. This standard guarantees that every VESA harmonious TV plus mount is exchangeable. It is an excellent bet that whichever TV wall mount bought nowadays is VESA-harmonious; however, you ought to always authenticate, to be satisfied.

2) Should I select a motion or fixed mount?

Whether you select a move-able or fixed mount shall rely on your inclinations, intended viewers of the TV and room layout. Every type of mount comes with its cons or pros.

Fixed TV Wall Mounts

This sort of mount holds your TV snug against a wall, flush with your wall. It keeps a TV nearer to the wall than all other kinds of mounts, offering a very spotless, custom appearance. Though, a permanent TV mount proffers no position change. It is among the best for fittings where one has total control on its lighting, to shun glare on your TV screen; and for areas where viewers shall always be watching the TV from a similar position, preferably positioned center before the TV. These are as well the cheapest TV wall mounts.

Tilting TV Mount

Tilting TV mounts permit the TV to position it perpendicularly, whereas maintaining its location in the wall. It doesn’t permit any horizontal shifting. A slanting TV wall mount is suggested for fitting where the TV is affixed higher than usual like over a fireplace allowing you to position its display downward to the viewers. Tilt modification too permits for some control from room lights or glare from windows. The amount of slope obtainable differs by the replica; however, you can regularly expect wherever from 5-15° of upward adjustment.

3) Will the Mount Last?

Different manufacturers make their mounts out of a variety of materials. Steel, aluminum, and plastic are all standard building materials utilized by mount manufacturers. Common sense will tell you that steel will likely hold up the best over time on a larger TV, but you should feel assured that no matter the materials used if the mount is UL rated it should be excellent.

4) Has it been fixed or DIY?

The most significant feature of your TV wall mount purchase is who shall be installing it. Many of the TV wall mounts at the marketplace can be with no trouble be fixed by two comparatively practical adults.

It is significant to interpret all security warnings and adhere to the maker’s instructions on what variety of bolts or screws to employ during the installation of the TV. It is consistently a great idea to fix the TV set to studs on your wall, as plaster or normal drywall can deteriorate with time and make the TV to drop.

If you got any reservations concerning the mounting of your TV wall-mount with a shelf, you ought to check with a specialized installer.


Once you decide which TV wall mount with shelf will be apt the size of your television, you can get rid of all the remaining ones. Then think the movement alternative that you believe functions well for your use and once more eradicate the rest.

Take a look at the cable management plus effortlessness of installations to additionally narrow your options. In conclusion, examine the superiority of building, existence of the UL listing plus your selection must be complete. If searching for wall mounts on the web, they shall most probably be priced by screen size that they hold up and the heaviness they can sustain, the last of which is the mainly significant feature.

Various makes vary in density even though the dimensions of are equivalent. If you are on the lookout for TV wall mounts online, verify the item description to perceive more information regarding the entire load and screen dimension it can hold; you can as well get such information on the box of the TV wall mount.

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