7 Best Wall Mounted Kitchen Table Reviews

Are you bored with outdated wall mounted kitchen table designs that deprive you of space by occupying large space in your kitchen? You can save space and at the same time achieve diverse impressive storage on your wall. The latest designs feature user-friendly technology with generous storage.

Wall Mounted Kitchen Table Review

Wall mounted tables are the final solution for a clean, organized and spacious kitchen. You can only get the best wall tables from the Amazon shopping center. See some of the commendable must-buy furniture.

1. Nathan James 41002 Drop Leaf Wood Kitchen Table

Nathan James Dining Table is a leading rustic drop-leaf design that many customers have depleted prompting extra supply. This is a recommendable product to mount on the edge of your kitchen wall as a working bench. 6 people can share the long extension of this table.

When you collapse its leaves you convert it to a store flush. Nathan Table features a sturdy and durable structure with a shiny veneer finish. It supports a capacity of 220 lbs hence you can use it with heavy stuff in the kitchen. This table includes self-adhesive pads for the 4 legs to go gentle on your floor when you mount it.

Nathan James Dining Table is not limited to the kitchen. You can also use it as a make-up vanity, TV stand, desk, or behind the sofa table. Mount this table in about 20 minutes by following installation instructions in a tutorial video or manual. Buy this product at a 5-year warranty and give your kitchen a new look.

Nathan James 41002 Drop Leaf Wood Kitchen Table



  • Share the 2 Leaves with 5 people
  • Strong Waterproof Anti-Scratch Construction
  • Scratch-Free Legs Suitable for Your Floor
  • Multi-Use Drop-Leaf Table
  • Easy and Fast Assembly

2. Haotian Folding Wall Mounted Kitchen Table Desk FWT01-SCH-FBA

Haotian Folding Table is a cute product if you are headed for a facelift. It is a captivating wall design that you can flexibly mount and unmount at your convenience to utilize both the floor and aerial space.

The dimensions are 75cm x 60cm x 1.8cm and it weighs 14.1 pounds supporting a load capacity of 25kg. The shipped parcel includes the drop-leaf table, fixings, hinges, and instructions. Use in any room for whatsoever function including a children table.

Haotian Folding Wall Mounted Kitchen Table Desk FWT01-SCH-FBA



  • Black Varnished Solid Wood
  • Easy Open and Fold Style
  • Multi-Purpose Table
  • Space Economy
  • Easy to Assemble & to Clean

3. AmGood Stainless Steel Wall Shelf, Wall Mounted Kitchen Table

This is a cute wall mount table that you cannot ignore in your next shopping. It gives your kitchen that stylish look. AmGood is ideal for the kitchen, closet setup, office, workbench, laundry room, janitors room, utility shop, and so on.

It is a long-lasting and corrosion-free option to replace your corroded indoor table. It weighs 9.42 pounds with the dimensions 49.5” x 19.5” x 4”. The grey color and sizable complexion will not interfere with your decoration at all. Replace the ancient stand-alone design and enjoy abundant space.

AmGood Stainless Steel Wall Shelf, Wall Mounted Kitchen Table


  • Stainless Steel Top – 18 Gauge 430
  • Ideal for Residential & Commercial Kitchens
  • Appealing Sleek Professional Look
  • NSF Certified & Fit to Handle Food
  • Unlimited Presentable Application

4. Orolay Wooden Drop-Leaf Table Folding

If you are longing for a professional look on your kitchen wall beside an exceptional working surface, this is it. Orolay is a top-notch table that won’t compete for space with other items on the floor.

Coming in nature and white variants with tactile smoothing, it is a nice deal to enhance your decor. Install easily following mounting instructions. The dimensions are 29.5 x 23.6 x 15 inches; it weighs 13 pounds and supports 30kg. Decide how to use Orolay in the kitchen and other rooms and it will perfectly serve the purpose.

You can easily work on it and move in the room with convenience and seat on opposite sides with a friend.

Orolay Wooden Drop-Leaf Table Folding


  • Varnished Multi-Layer Board & Assembly Accessories
  • Ideal for Kitchen, Balcony, Lounge, living room, etc.
  • Multi-Use Space-Saver Design
  • Fasten Securely at Any Level of the Wall

5. HomCom Compact Fold Out Convertible Kitchen Tables

HomCom is a stylish wall mounted table that features attractive upper storage and working storage that will enhance the beauty of your kitchen and any other room you prefer to mount it. In a living room or office, it provides you with a wonderful surface for studying, computing or writing with quick access to your stationery.

HomCom table is a neat solution to help you clear the clutter in your kitchen. It is defined by a durable construction of MDF and Birch Veneer that gives it a shiny look. It is a great fit for small rooms and you recover the space it occupies from the wall after folding down. This contemporary design comes with 2 adjustable shelves and several storage compartments for a more organized kitchen. Always use a damp cloth to clean the surface and enhance the overall look.

The default white color is a deliberate choice to match any decoration in your preferred room. The overall dimensions are 37” x 23.5” x 58” while the table surface measures 32.25” x 27” x 28”. The product weight is 18.84 pounds supporting the capacity of 45 pounds. Buy this orderly solution for your kitchen at an unbeatable price.

HomCom Compact Fold Out Convertible Kitchen Tables


  • Professional Compact Footprint
  • Versatile Presentable Design
  • Customizable Storage
  • Smooth Water-Proof Surface
  • Easy to Mount

6. Fasthomegoods WALLNITURE Drop Leaf Dining Table

Fasthomegoods appears to be such a modern deal for your culinary chores though it is not limited to the kitchen. A black shiny surface is appealing to the eyes and easy to clean.

This wall table does not need much space in your room, still, you can fold it down onto the wall. It is a fashionable construction of pinewood with hinges to prevent sagging. Adjust this table to the perfect height even for children as you mount. An ergonomic fit will give you absolute satisfaction for all your needs.

Fasthomegoods Dining Table weighs 28 pounds with the dimensions 30 x 36 x 30 inches. It is an attractive surface to use for meals, writing, computing, and drawing. Upgrade your kitchen furniture with this brand and for a modern look.

Fasthomegoods WALLNITURE Drop Leaf Dining Table


  • Amazing Space Economy
  • Adjustable Wall-Mount Design
  • Simply join the Mounting Hardware
  • Fair Price

7. Wall-mounted Tables Dining Table & Convertible Desk

A wall-mounted brand is a cute extension that fits your kitchen wall as a working bench. Use it as a coffee table, computer desk, dining table, or study table. This table is sturdy for your kitchen equipment and utensils. It is stylish to replace your outdated furniture with a modern design.

Get the answer to your disorganized kitchen in a small space. Make sure that the wall is compatible with this tale before installation. Put the right fixing in place before you mount the table. A soft damp cloth will do when it comes to cleaning your installed table. You can always fold down at your convenience.

Wall-mounted Tables Dining Table & Convertible Desk


  • Unique White Wood-Based Panels
  • Extra Dining Space and Fold Option
  • Versatile and Customizable Design
  • Beautiful Home Decoration

Buying Guide

You need to know what specifications are crucial when buying an ideal table for your kitchen and other rooms for whatever function. These guidelines include the following.

  • Material
    Most tables are made of wood as the major material. Hardwoods such as pine constitute a durable product that can support considerable weight on a medium surface. A veneer finish leaves the table glowing and attractive. Maintenance is important and it should keep your table clean and strong. Avoid excess load or using corrosive detergents when cleaning it.
  • Design
    Generally, over-the-wall mounting is the most convenient modern design for tables no matter the room in which you are installing. This is because it saves much space on the floor and at the same time provides abundant space for storage. Keeping your kitchen stuff on shelves improves hygiene and makes access easy. You may choose between a mere working surface or a combination of the holding surface and cabinets. The color also matters because you have to consider the decoration of the entire room. Black, grey, white, and cream rhymes well with all colors. The folding aspect is very important because it frees more space when you are not using the table and improves ventilation of the room.
  • Storage
    Shelves and compartments are of great significance because they accommodate different items and help you to organize your kitchen without taking more space. The more the shelves the bigger the storage space. Always keep the storage sections clean and arranged.
  • Versatility
    It is an advantage to buy a mounting table that you can use for many purposes and in different rooms. You might get impressed by a certain design and mount it several rooms at your home besides the kitchen. A dining table contributes to home interior decoration for beauty.
  • Assembling convenience
    When the hardware is already packaged, assembling is easy. Most products come with the user’s instruction that you follow and mount your new table easily. The fold designs are often lightweight, portable and easy to connect.
  • Manufacturer
    Authoritative manufacturers such as Haotian are renowned for their trending products that guarantee customer satisfaction. If you buy from the Amazon store you will get excellent brands at affordable prices. Experience in furniture industry inspires the leading firms to update table models to address the needs of their customers while staying in step with technology.


Q. Do I need an expert to install it?
No. You don’t require any expert or prerequisite knowledge before assembling your wall-mount table. Check whether there are any tutorials of your new model online and watch the installation procedure. The manual still suffices because it gives you all the instructions to follow.

Q. How much weight does it hold?
The table of specifications on your product, which is included in your package, gives the capacity. Stick to that figure for your table to remain strong and durable.

Q. Can I get a design with storage?
Yes. Try HomCom for generous storage space of all small item in different compartments. Its appearance is classy and great on the wall. This will do well even in your laundry room.

Q. Where can I buy the best wall mounted kitchen tables?
Amazon. No other shop that makes you feel at home with stylish brands that provide you absolute solutions! Get all the data that you need on particular products and contrast various variants by different manufacturers. You are free to choose, place an order and have the item delivered in time.


Amazon still dominates the world market with incredible furniture products that transform the look of your kitchen. Many varieties and upgrades of the older versions of items are uploaded to the websites on a daily basis to keep you informed. The 7 kitchen tables spearhead an assortment of others that perhaps you may prefer from the Amazon.

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Shop in exchange for value and this is sure when you buy from the Amazon. Wall mounting design is the best solution for your kitchen and other rooms where you have immovable furniture on the floor. Pick classy products and shop with ease. Keep it Amazon!

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