About Me

Hey folks!

My name is Alex Behrendorff and Yes, I am the one behind this blog. It all started last year when the first time I thought to build a blog which can help buyers like me. I do shop online and offline as well but I prefer online more over offline, the reason was that I don’t like to visit a shop by shop and decide what to buy.

So, I decided to create a review blog in home decor niche which is limited to only wall-mounted products. On Christmas eve I have posted 3 in-depth review blog one on best wall mounted bookshelf under $50, wall mounted magazine rack and the last one on wall mounted folding table.

I love writing and reading other’s blog also, I did research on finding out the best 10 product list and reviewed them for my visitors. That is you, 🙂

Many people do have questions like How to? How much? I have shared 2 interesting posts on how to do iron without an iron board and how much wall mounted fireplace installation cost you in general?

My friend owns an antique shop, he has many wall mounted display cabinets which consists off antique stones, jewelry, necklace, and other items too. I have asked many questions while writing the post on the best cabinets.

This blog is distributed in some categories like tables, shelves, cabinets, racks, guides, etc. You can browse them all to find the best wall mounted table or wall mounted cabinets.

I will keep updating my website and try to do a post on a regular basis. If you will give me honest feedback on this blog it will increase my morale. Also, you can tell me new topics/products on which you want me to review.

I will try my best to give you a reply.


Alex Behrendorff