How to Organize a Bookshelf with a Lot of Books?

How to Organize a Bookshelf with a Lot of Books?

If you love books, you’ll probably have a lot of them. While books are great, figuring out how to organize them in such a way that you’ll not be shoving tomes each time you’re looking for a particular book is a dainty task. Below are tips on how to organize bookshelves with a lot of books. You can read a detailed post on  5 best wall mounted bookshelf under $50.


Alphabetizing is one of the most obvious options and probably the best way to quickly find a particular book. When you have hundreds of books, you can opt to go the library-esque route by alphabetizing things like the title, last name of the author or even the book category. Alphabetizing should be easy when you’ve internalized the alphabet. What’s more, if you’ve got family, friends, or visitors, they’ll have an easy time navigating through your bookshelf.

Organizing by Genre

Perhaps you’re an equal opportunity reader with books covering a sea of genres. How about arranging the books according to genres? You can label the varied partitions under different genres your materials cover. Organizing your books under different genres makes it easy to find a book if you’re in the mood for a specific genre.

Organization of Bookshelf by Color

Yes, plenty of people are now organizing their bookshelves by color. There are a lot of interesting options when it comes to organizing your bookshelf by color. You can opt to wrap books under given genres with respective paper colors. One thing about organizing your bookshelf by color is that your study space looks cool.

Chronological Organization

Organizing your bookshelf chronologically is common for individuals who mainly deal with non-fiction titles. You can opt to arrange the materials based on the time when the subject matter. One thing about chronological organization is that one can easily locate a series of books on the same subject. The chronological organization is excellent for people handling academic research materials.

Autobiographic Organization

To some individuals, books are more than just papers, ink, and glue. If you find books as personal objects that you associate with, you might want to consider organizing your books autobiographically. The autobiographic organization is a highly personal method that calls for some serious soul searching. Individuals interested in bringing up memories of varied times in their lives opt to maximize the nostalgic feeling by arranging their bookshelves autobiographically. You’ll love the feeling you get just by going through a bookshelf and remembering what those books mean to you.

Taking up the Combo Organization

Perhaps you feel that none of the above organization works best for your bookshelf. That’s all right! How about arranging your bookshelf in a combination of your choice? You can opt to create categories to suit your reading needs. For instance, you can create a ‘To Be Read’ category to keep books that you’ve scheduled to read.

Tips on how to maintain a bookshelf with many books

You’ve probably decided on the mode to organize your bookshelf but don’t have the slightest idea on how to go about it. How about arranging your books horizontally? While vertical shelving is more popular, it’s not the most practical when you intend to utilize every inch of your shelf space.

Let’s Wrap Up Here

If you’ve probably run out of space on the bookshelves themselves, don’t panic. Have you thought of stacking books next to the shelves? You can opt to use your shelves for support with bookcases as your support. Make sure not to stack them too high since you’ll have problems accessing books at the bottom. There you go – simple, practical tips on how to maintain a bookshelf with many books.

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