Wall Mounted Coat Racks Revews

10 Best Wall Mounted Coat Racks Reviews

A coat rack is a practical tool for organizing your stuff or a fashionable piece of house decoration. Many home owners shall tell you that it is both. In no doubt, it is simple enough to get in the door and dismissively throw your coat onto the sofa or at a chair. For those who live alone and hardly ever host visitors, this isn’t a big deal.

However, for those with roommates, frequent guests and families that approach will lead to the litter piling up rapidly. Previous to even thinking about the artistic part of a coat rack, you shall desire to review the quantity of space obtainable in your residence and the items you intend to be hanging.

If one wants to spare their floor space, a strong wall-mounted coat rack model is most likely your most adaptable alternative. Wall-mounted coat racks possess their place, in addition, predominantly for people who are lacking enough space or have a preference for an inconspicuous style. Typical replicas come in a variety of lengths, offering you with a profusion of alternatives.

10 Best Wall Mounted Coat Racks

Sometimes there’s not enough closet space for all the family coats. A wall-mounted coat rack is a quick, easy, and affordable solution to your storage problem. A wall-mounted coat rack needs to be securely fastened, and it should provide adequate room, so the coats aren’t bunched up, overlapping, or hard to access.

If you’re putting it in a storage area like a mudroom, you can get by with a simple, no-frills row of hooks, which can be either wooden or metal. If the coat rack is part of the decor, you will do best with a stylish design that is appropriate for the room. Nowadays the wall coat rack is amongst the most fashionable and modern-day kind of stuff to add in your house decoration. The wall coat racks shall look nice in whichever room. The wall coat racks are affixed on walls.

The coats racks are very trouble-free to install plus do not consume a lot of time to do it. Their hooks are very brawny so one can hang weighty coats, robes, and jackets. It takes you only a couple of minutes to fix them. If you don’t desire to have, all your coats showcased one can get a door to cover up the rack.

Here are the best 10 best wall mounted coat racks:

1) LIBERTY 129848 Hook Rail/Coat Rack with 5 Flared Tri Hooks, 27-Inch

Are you searching for ways to scale down clutter and increase storage? This pleasing to the eye rail with five flared tri-hooks is meant to hold a broad assortment of items such as coats, handbags, hats, umbrellas, robes or towels. This simple design is flawlessly suitable to match the decoration of any space in your residence.


  • Load capacity is 35 lbs if mounted into rock-solid wood studs.
  • Overall size, when installed is 5.26 by 27 by 3.27 inches.
  • It is made of hard-wearing die-cast zinc hooks fixed to a superior rail of medium density fiberboard (MDF)
  • It has a casual design which creates a laid-back allure to the room
  • This brilliant white rack with elegant satin nickel hooks puts in fashion and class to your places.


2) HOMFA Hanging Entryway Shelf Wall Mounted Coat Rack Storage Cabinets

The Homfa hanging entrance shelf wall-mounted coat rack luggage compartments with hooks has a modern display for home decor. The floating wall shelf with a stylish and delicate design exterior will match well with your furnishings, and it is a perfect alternative for decorating your residence.

The Homfa kitchen and home furniture style have the practicality to create a contemporary home furnishing which is idyllic for employment in the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen or any other room to store stuff. It is as well practical and perfect for putting on show minute items like pictures, toys, books and other attractive object made of superior melamine faced panels plus eco-friendly solid MDF material. 

It has exceptional stain resistance and is unproblematic to clean. This stylish coat hook unit is suitable in the hallway and many other areas which make your residence more elegant and luxurious.

3) SONGMICS Wall Mounted Coat Rack 16″

With its ornamental form, this hook rack shall be a grand addition to the entryway, bathroom or closet room; two screw caps wrap the holes and make your hook rack look perfect. This wall fixed coat rack is made from die-cast zinc for permanent sturdiness, has a weight of 1.6lbs only and can sustain to 35lbs in entirety.

Its dimensions are 15.7”L by 4.3”W by 2.8”H (40 by 11 by 7cm), taking up negligible space, and this wall mounted coat rack is just the right solution to assemble your stuff and clear out your room.

It has high-class metal hooks 4 bulky ones at the apex and 8 tiny ones underneath and can endure long-term employment and hold an extensive diversity of items. Its screws and installation guide are incorporated, and it comes with a 24-month service contract.

4) Solid Wood Entryway Organization Wall Mountable 30 Inch Coat Rack

With the 30″ by 7″ coat rack, one can put in order their life and organize your entrance way with effortlessness. This entrance storage rack arrives entirely amassed with the essential gear for wall mounting. The hardwood material is made with dependability and durability to keep you contented for many years.

With its top-shelf plus 6 hooks, you can practically sort out and beautify the welcoming area. This rack is grand for hanging each day requirements at your fingertips; one can store their coats, umbrellas, bags, hats, cat collars, dog leash, keys and more. Without difficulty grab whatever you require and walk out of the doorstep. Its top shelf is ideal for housing ornamental memorabilia and objects.

5) Umbra Flip 5-Hook Wall Mounted Floating Coat Rack

Flip is a contemporary yet practical, wall-mounted coat rack which traits retractable hooks that shall offer you with plentiful hanging space wherein you require it most.

Flip prides itself of a witty design with manifold latches which retract while not in employment, each slipping carefully into a groove on the rail for a glossy look plus space-saving practicality.

However, don’t let the shiny, compact appearance hoodwink you since Flip can house an astonishingly significant number of items making it an idealist spot to hang scarves, coats, umbrellas, purses and more for you, your guests and your family.

Owing to it’s to the hidden fixing hardware and sleek profile, Flip mounts flawlessly to practically whichever wall and provides styling that looks grand in any foyer or entryway, in spite of how small or large it is.

6) Whitgo Wall Mount Coat Hook, 2 Pack 15 Hooks Stainless Steel

This dual wall fixed coat hook assists to save room and one can get to for and grab whichever item effortlessly without interfering with the other stuff. Smooth borders will efficiently prevent accidental scratches.

This wall coat rack hooks may be mounted in the bathrooms, living room, kitchens, bedrooms, entryways, and hallways you can hang hats, coats, handbags, umbrellas, key, robes, towels, etc. This coat rack wall-mount is a magnificent way to arrange keys, messy clothes, bags lying on your sofa, floor or other areas.

Wall fixed coat racks acquire full benefit of the unemployed wall space; making your home comfortable and clean. This rack has a 100% no-hassle contentment warranty. The manufacturer stands behind the superiority of the product. Every wall mounted hat, and the coat hook rack is long-lasting and newly designed. Lifespan guarantee is available; hence you can just buy with confidence.

7) Franklin Brass FBHDCH6-WSE-R, 27″ Hook Rail / Rack

This coat rack offers a substantial amount of room for hanging stuff and becoming organized. It is ideal for organizing any foyer or entryway. The satin and white nickel finish amalgamation add style accompaniments to existing house decoration.

Its dimensions are 26.5L by 3.3H by 2.7D and can hold 2.7. 35 lb maximum load capacity if mounted into wood studs and solid wood. It is straightforward to fix. Mounting installation guidelines are included, and the product is made from zinc die-cast hooks attached to an MDF rail.

8) BirdRock Home Hook Coat and Hat Rack |2 Pack | 6 Hooks | 27’’|

The BirdRock Home Hook Rail traits a classic design and satin nickel hook. The BirdRock House Dual Hook Coat Rack shall go well with any room with its fine-looking and elegant design.

With the wall mounting trait, plainly secure the hook rack to your wall with the incorporated anchors and steel screws. This hook rack has been made from well-built pinewood plus durable metal hooks obtainable in numerous finishes to fit your exact style and offers an exceptional appearance. Save more room with its double hook attribute and hang additional household stuff.

Without problems hang robes, towels, hats, umbrellas, keys, and handbags from this adaptable hook rack. Make use of the hook rack to declutter and organize your foyer, bathroom, hallway, kitchen, bedroom, and entryway.

9) Brainerd RPLR6DJ-PWW-L1 27-Inch 6 Heavy Duty Coat and Hat Hook Rail/Rack

This wood rail coat rack with 6 metal hooks is meant to hold a wide assortment of items like coats, handbags, hats, umbrellas, robes, and towels. It comes with mounting hardware included and has a flat white and white finish.

Is suitable for heavy clothes since it has 6 heavy duty coat hooks and its measurements are 3.9” h by 27” w by 2.9” d, and the load capacity is 1.9 lbs. The manufacturer offers a lifetime service contract.

10) LANGRIA Coat Rack Shelf, Coat Rack Wall-Mounted Bamboo Wooden Hook Rack with 5 Metal Hooks (EDITORS Top PICK)

The modern look and clean lines of this coat wall-mounted rack without difficulty go well with any decor fashion at the office or home consequently it will look just right in your hallway, bedroom, mudroom or bathroom. It is a functional rack with five metallic hooks, solid sufficiently to sustain around 33 lbs or 15kg.

What is more, because it is wall-mounted, it shall not take up room on the floor, it apt for those residences or apartments with inadequate space. This rack is completed with bamboo wood, which has been treated in a water-based painting to guard it against water plus make it extra sturdy; thus it can be employed in the bathroom to hang bathrobes or towels devoid of becoming mild.

Also, it has a top shelf for additional storage where one will be capable to position small stuff like the bathroom necessities. The instant you take delivery of and unpack this bamboo wall-mounted rack, you shall realize how straightforward it is to assemble. It merely needs an Allen wrench which is integrated with the pack up, a Phillips screwdriver plus a drill (not incorporated).

Follow the instructions on the manual assemblage sheet, and it shall be all set to be utilized. When unclean, wipe it with a soft wet cloth. Also, bear in mind that all dimensions are physically calculated with a probable variation of 1-3 cm. Watch out for kids and pets while close to the unit.


The wall- mounted coat racks of nowadays are much more imaginative than the previous stands and shelves of your grandparents and parents. On the other hand, they have forever served an organizational purpose. Their original intention was to put in order the mountains of sweaters, coats, scarves, and hats through the winter weather.

People used to hang them on an appropriately placed coat wall rack inside the foyer or entrance of a home. There are scores of wall racks these days with multi-reasons that it is tricky to decide what you desire or necessitate. This makes purchasing a coat rack on the web the best alternative for everybody.

One of the trendiest kinds is the wooden coat rack owing to its lower cost and the actuality that it has been around for the longest time. Hanging hooks that go together with the wooden wall-mounted coat racks are characteristically made from nickel or brass.

The moment you make a decision about how much space you have for your coat rack, it turns pretty understandable which one you shall require to purchase. Each category of a wall mounted rack – provides numerous colors, designs, and functions wherein Amazon is one of the best places to have an excellent look at what is obtainable.

Don’t be in a rush to purchase one, first of all, prepare a location suitable to position the wall-mounted coat rack.


As mentioned earlier wall-mounted coat racks require their space, too, predominantly in places that lack adequate space or need a better inconspicuous style. While acting as a storage resolution is its realistic function, a lot of people think of their coat racks as an additional room of their residence’s character.

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Despite the fact that this might complicate the process of purchasing, adding a fresh furnishing that improves the setting of your living room can be relatively worthwhile. When assessing your alternatives, ask yourself what you are attempting to realize in terms of furnishings.

Are you searching for a showpiece? If so, you will almost certainly need to focus on a stylish rack with an exclusive, attention-grabbing design.

Fascinated in a more matching piece? In such an instance, a subtle yet fine-looking wall-mount coat rack ought to work agreeably.

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