Wall Mounted Kitchen Shelves Review-

7 Best Wall Mounted Kitchen Shelves Review

The kitchen may be the room with the most disorderly space in your residence, after your bedroom possibly, if there is no appropriate arrangement.

In this review are some basic guidelines for selecting the apt shelving for the kitchen. Some stuff you use a great deal, others you adore to stare at. Wall mounted kitchen shelves are grand for storing the things you utilize on a daily basis or for showcasing off your prized items to your guests. The wall-mounted kitchen shelves are obtainable in diverse types and styles.

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The kitchen wall shelf pieces are a comfortable way to enlarge your storage and offer your kitchen an extra personal touch. Designing your dream kitchen implies making the most of the space, counting the walls. The kitchen wall shelves come in dissimilar shapes, widths, and heights; as a result, you can decide an amalgamation that shall work for you.

There is a wide selection of colors plus you will even get alternatives with drawers. Inside the kitchen wall cupboards, one can employ height adaptable shelves to go well with what you require to store.

7 Best Wall Mounted Kitchen Shelves Review

Some of the factors to think about when selecting the sort of kitchen shelf is how large space you set aside for the purpose of shelving. For a tiny space, wall mounted shelves may be the most excellent solution. Alternative stated the layout and size of the kitchen hall as well contributes to your choice in deciding practical shelving.

Amongst the areas with the highest traffic in your dwelling is the kitchen. This is the place we all get out of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus also where the family members gather for an afternoon coffee, a chat or basically to read a book.

On the other hand, when you become aware that there are no more empty spaces, possibly it is the time for an up-to-the-minute kitchen shelving by purchasing some great kitchen shelves that will be of assistance for storing away everything superfluous that you do not necessitate regularly.

At the outset, you require looking at the stuff you would like to store away plus how much shelving room you want for them. The wall mounted multiplicity is grand when you do not have ample space in the Kitchen.

Stainless steel is one of the most preferred materials as it makes for excellent storage predominantly when it comes to the wire mesh. It is so comfortable to maintain and clean, it is hard-wearing and lifelong, and it can endure copious numbers of abuse.

Here are the Top 7 Wall Mounted Shelves for your dream kitchen:

1. MyGift Rustic Brown Metal Wire 3 Tier Wall Mounted Kitchen Fruit Produce Bin Rack (Editors Top PICK)

Add expedient storage and a dashing of country-rustic appeal to your residence with this wall-mounted shelf rack. The well-built metallic wire that is used in making this storage arranger traits a dark brown material that highlights to the rustic-style loveliness and the three bin-approach shelves offer you with the ideal area for stowing away fresh produce in addition to other food products in your pantry or kitchen.

MyGift Rustic Brown Metal Wire 3 Tier Wall Mounted Kitchen Fruit Produce Bin Rack_1

This beautiful metal kitchen storage space can also be employed to store towels, linens, craft supplies, toiletries, and other things right through your house. For a suitable storage resolution that presents rustic exquisiteness as well, this metal kitchen shelf racks is the most appropriate choice.

2) 30″ Wall mounted Kitchen Pots and Pans Rack

30 Wall mounted pots and pans rack_1

Free up more room in your kitchen with this wall-mounted metallic rack. The shelf’s size is 30″ by 10″. The wire mesh on this shelf is meant for straightforward hanging (it has around 10 “S” shaped hooks incorporated) plus cookware. This rack is completed from superior Iron matt finished to put off the rust and boost pleasant appearance. It may be employed in the kitchen, living room, bathroom to store and arrange anything.

3) Wide Wall-Mounted Spice Rack – Wire Kitchen Counter Storage and Shelf Organizer (Black, three Tier)

The 3 Tier spice rack is completed in an attractive geometrical design which is flexible to employ as wall-mount shelf or counter stand luggage compartment arranger.

Wide Wall-Mounted Spice Rack - Wire Kitchen Counter Storage and Shelf Organizer (Black, three Tier_1

It measures 13.4″L by 7.5″W by 16.6″H. Its layer height is 5.5,” and it comes with durable plus smart screws for trouble-free wall hanging. The shelf is apposite for kitchen counter shelf, dish rack, freezer shelf or as add-on shelf.

This remarkable 3 tiered spice rack is made with an outstanding finish and has an adequate amount of room. It gives the user the opportunity to affix it to their walls or a cupboard door, and it shall present you additional storage devoid of obstructing on your space at all in an instant.

The seller offers all the fixtures, so you do not even have to hang around to get it to use, you can amass your spice almost the instant it gets purchased from the store.

4. Rustic Kitchen Wood Wall Shelf, Rack Multi-Use for Home Kitchen Coffee Storage and Organization Product (2-Layer L24” by D12” by H24.5”)

Warm, fascinating and ageless, the rustic design building blocks take you back in time and offer your residence an easy to use cozy atmosphere. In up-to-the-minute, urban scenery where polished stone, artificial finish dominates it provides the space individuality and rugged allure.


Rustic Kitchen Wood Wall Shelf, Rack Multi-Use for Home Kitchen Coffee Storage and Organization Product_1

And amid the best places to test rustic components is in your kitchen! Even those with the most contemporary kitchen can be naturally pooled with cautiously positioned rustic traits plus you necessitate not at all times go down the road of a full-size kitchen refurbish to have this accomplished.

Rustic kitchen shelving offers a totally new dimension to the open plan living plus also brings in enjoyable textural distinction. Since a large amount (if not all) rustic fashion shelves come in innate wood, one might also get to put in a ‘hip component to your modern kitchen.

5) VDOMUS Shelf Pot Rack Wall Mounted Kitchen Items Hanging Racks 2 Tire (Silver)

Get to the bottom of some valuable cabinet space whereas keeping all the cooking utensils inside your arms reach, no extra digging via pans and pots searching for what you would like; all things are painstakingly prearranged right in front of you.

VDOMUS Shelf Pot Rack Wall Mounted Kitchen Items Hanging Racks 2 Tire (Silver)_1

This pot shelf will as well be an eye-catching addition to the kitchen room. It puts on show all your most wanted cookwares and generates an atmosphere of professionalism in the kitchen room.

The uncomplicated yet nice-looking design shelf, without doubt, make the kitchen a cozy and warm place. Substantial wrought- iron shall not get out of condition while holding weighty cooking wares; the beneficial paint-coat makes sure there is a 100% rustproof on top of resisting the on daily basis scrapes.

It comes with all the desirable accessories plus instructions; you might start setting up once you have received the packaging of this product.

6) Floating Wall Shelves (Set of two), Handmade Kitchen Shelf Made from Rustic Pine by Del Hutson Designs (2 by 24 by 5.5 “), Walnut Color

Display case your fashion with this set of rustic-chic floating shelf and towel bar. It is made from top grade pine wood to ensure it has a unique design. Every piece arrives with brackets for effortlessness of installation; screws and drywall anchors integrated!

Floating Wall Shelves (Set of two), Handmade Kitchen Shelf Made from Rustic Pine by Del Hutson Designs_1

It is proudly made and shipped in America. Each piece that is manufactured is its own design owing to the natural differences in the wood. This individuality is amongst its strengths plus it makes each one of the handmade kitchen decor items very unique.

7) Rustic State Kitchen Wood Wall Shelf with Metal Rail Spice Rack White 20 Inch

Do you necessitate someplace to store your cooking spices? Is your bathroom becoming a little disorderly? Do you require a shelf plus a towel bar?


Rustic State Kitchen Wood Wall Shelf with Metal Rail Spice Rack White 20 Inch_1

This adaptable wall-mounted kitchen shelf for storage offers you a resolution to do away with the muddle! Treat yourself with this delightfully made storage shelf with a well-built and hard-wearing design.

Rustic Walnut hardwood tailor-made metal rail kitchen shelf can be employed for hanging with the shelf plus add flamboyance to your cooking area. Employ this rustic white shelf in your kitchen to hold oils, kitchen tools or spices.

Buying Guide

In an idyllic world, everyone would be cooking in spacious kitchens with good-looking large pantries and kitchen islands. In actual fact, the majority of our kitchen rooms are so small, particularly (although not utterly) those living in rented accommodations.

Providentially, even a tiny kitchen can be turned into a delightful space for cooking in with a modest bit of the mind’s eye. Put out of your mind the dimension of the kitchen – storage is for all time a predicament. Whether your home has a large family kitchen or compact galley, it is complicated to put in order all the kitchen tools.

There are time and again tricky-to-reach spots that sit unused and empty, whereas the areas that one has easy access to are cluttered and overcrowded. And with this space being the centerpiece of every residence for most of us, getting the maximum use of each nook and cranny is a fully loaded challenge. Get elegant with your storage by fixing a new set of wall-mounted kitchen shelves.

This shopping guide can help you gain knowledge about the diverse sorts of designer storage that are offered at the marketplace and think about significant aspects before you decide on your ultimate purchase.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Question

How much heaviness can the floating wall-mounted kitchen shelves hold?

This is possibly what separates the top shelf manufacturers from everybody else. While the majority floating shelves are principally ornamental and can only typically be used to put on show several small items like photos and small ornaments rest guaranteed that if well-built the load-bearing capacity of the floating shelves are to a great extent increased owing to the solid building of the shelves, hard-wearing hidden shelf supports plus top quality fixings. This is usually based on setting up to a concrete wall.

Can the floating shelves slant frontward when an extra load is placed on them?

No, on no account! This is another grand characteristic of floating wall-mounted kitchen shelves. The hidden shelf supports may be attuned in tilt just by screwing the spigot more into the brackets. That works against any more load applied plus maintains the shelf level – everlastingly!

How easier said than done is it to set up the wall-mounted kitchen shelves?

On the scale of 1 to 10 where 1 is being an absolute beginner, and 10 is being an accomplished craftsman we would declare… 6! The shelves are provided with a simple, bit by bit setting up guide by nearly all manufacturers. The do always propose that you check with a knowledgeable trades-person initially, mainly to verify for concealed live pipes and wires – It is better to be out of harm’s way than being sorry.


When it comes to offering the centerpiece of your residence with an entirely new feel and appearance, one of the most excellent chores to embark on is an improvement of your kitchen shelves.

The kitchens building blocks are not only in the midst of the most functionally indispensable features however are as well among the most optically leading. Consequently, any transformations made to it shall to a great extent be enjoyed and noticeable.

And one best thing concerning doing that is that you require not using up a fortune. Adding a new storage room in the cooking room is grand when you become aware that you no longer have space for anything new. In addition, apart from for decongesting, it might make your kitchen look much more along the lines of the rest of your residence.

You will no more have to keep friends and guests away from the kitchen room simply due to the fact that you are embarrassed to permit them to see the clutter and mess. Unless you intend to use up all your life in your present dwelling if you are scheduling a kitchen renovation then the best recommendation is not only to dwell on the design that might be alluring to you, however also to think about what might be attractive to the next owner as well.

Ask anybody, and they will tell you for free that amid the most vital rooms in any abode is your kitchen. In reality, there are scores of individuals who glance at the kitchen foremost when they are purchasing a house that failing to guarantee that it is practical and up together could place a real stumbling block on a thriving sale if the property is on sale.

The simplest way to stay organized in the kitchen nowadays is to include the correct type of wall-mounted kitchen shelving. Regardless of what you make use of the kitchen for one can get wall mounted shelves of numerous sorts by doing some study and assessment shopping to discover some exclusive storage inspirations.

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