Best Wall Mounted Drying Racks Under $50-

Top 8 Wall Mount Drying Racks Under 50$

Drying racks are a must appliance in every home. When we wash our clothes we want them to dry without losing shape on the air currents. We also want to maintain a presentable look for our clothes hence we make efforts to keep them crease-free.

A wall mount drying racks help you with your laundry when you wash, and for storage. It also saves you time for spotting the clothes you want to wear fast. This review highlights 8 best mount racks that are recommendable for your laundry. These and other variants come with unique specifications and designs to meet your needs.

Best Wall Mount Drying Racks Under $50

1. IT Jeans Classic 3-Tier 8 Casters Drying Rack

This is an exceptional Grade-A mounting rack for your laundry. It is a great asset for the whole family and a great choice for indoor and outdoor use.

iT Jeans Heavy Duty Drying Rack handles about 110 pounds of clothing in a light 10 pounds foldable design. This high capacity laundry solution features 75 feet of hanging space that includes clips for socks & small items, and 2 hanger arms.

The shelf height is adjustable and folds to 8 inches for the stowaway. This is a prestigious stylish design that not only holds your laundry but also enhances beauty at your home. The product is must-buy with a competitive price in the Amazon.

IT Jeans Classic 3-Tier 8 Casters Drying Rack


  • Heavy Duty Rust-Proof Stainless Steel
  • Handles up to 3 Laundry Loads, 72 Clips for Socks & Small Items
  • Swing-Out, Linen Shelf, and Ample Space
  • Adjustable Height & Angle, 8 Caster Wheels, and 75 Linear Feet of Hanging Space
  • Gentle on Clothes; Saves Energy Cost up to $140/year
  • Limited 90 Days Warranty

2. Tangkula Laundry Hanger Clothes Rack

Tangkula Rack is a simple and stylish wall mounted partner for your laundry. It is an ideal option for drying clothes and towels in the laundry room or bathroom. You can also place small items at the top.

The 10 towel hanger sticks and a top storage shelf offers large storage space while saving much space in your room. Tangkula Laundry Rack is waterproof hence suitable for humid places like the bathroom.

The material is undoubtedly top-notch, durable, and anti-corrosion to give you the best. Overall dimensions are 25’’ x 8.5 ‘’ x 6.7’’-17.3’’ (L x H x W). The net weight is 8.5 lbs. Rush to the Amazon store for this commendable laundry rack.

Tangkula Laundry Hanger Clothes Rack


  • Brand New & High Quality
  • Wall-Mount Space-Saver Design
  • Made of Premium Engineering MDF & Pinewood; Sturdy & Durable
  • Painted Treatment, Suitable for Humid Environments
  • Foldable & Extension Design
  • Ideal for Laundry Room and Bathroom

3. Sorbus Clothes Drying Rack

Sorbus Rack is an incredible space-saver with 8 bar-racks to ensure great organization of your laundry room, bedroom, mudroom, pool area and so on. It features 8 bars made of stainless steel for durability and they provide ample linear drying space.

It measures approximately 34’’L x 24’’W x 8.75’’ H when open. Hang towels, silk scarves, pool gear, damp outwear, and mesh tops. After use, fold flat for compact storage in a closet or keep next to the washing machine. The accordion-style drop-open design is perfect for open airflow and sets up in seconds thus it is user-friendly.

Sorbus is packaged ready for use, you need minimal assembly for mounting to a wall; mounting hardware is included.
Sorbus is a wonderful solution to keep your wardrobe accessible, neatly organized, and wrinkle-free. It is a streamlined towel rack that is timeless and convenient for any bathroom.

Sorbus Clothes Drying Rack


  • Accordion Style Design
  • Stainless Steel; 8 Bars offer Generous Linear Drying Space
  • Dry All Laundry Essentials
  • Ideal for Any Washing & Drying Room
  • Convenient & Multipurpose Rack
  • Foldable Space Saver
  • Easy Hang Design
  • Energy-efficient Air Drying

4. Bartnelli Accordion Drying Rack

Bartnelli is an ideal choice for drying heavy wet towels, bedding sets, and delicates to a capacity of 60 pounds. This wall mount rack is a super space saver and expands as much as you need it. You may not use all the rods if you are drying a few clothes.

The flexible open and close mechanism helps you take control; engage a few rods or open fully for a full summer wash. When open, the dimensions are 34 x 8.5 x 24 inches. Bartnelli rack consists of a huge 22 linear feet capacity, and 8 smooth round stainless steel rods featuring a compact sleek design. The rods are sturdy enough for the heavyweight, rustproof, durable, and easy to clean with a damp soft cloth. Installation is very easy provided that you have all the hardware.

Ditch your electronic laundry dryer for this green air Bartnelli dryer to save power.
Go ahead to buy air-dry your clothing for freshness, maintain the quality and save energy. This is a timeless heavy duty option for your laundry. Buy Bartnelli Accordion Drying Rack.

Bartnelli Accordion Drying Rack


  • Accordion Style Design Saves Floor Space
  • Huge Drying Capacity with Heavy Weight
  • Beautifully Discreet When Closed, Attractive When Open
  • Sturdy Stainless Steel, Easy to Install
  • Saves Money on Your Electricity Bills

5. Sumnacon Wall Clothes Hanger Rack

Sumnacon Hanger Rack is the best appliance for heavyweight clothing that could make other racks to crumble. Your package comprises of 2 x clothes hanger holders, 8 x drywall anchors, and 8 x screws. This rack features SUS304 stainless steel 12.6 inches long, wall-mount base 2.36 x 2.36 inches, and 6 hanger spokes 0.71’’ long placed 1.45’’ apart.

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There is adequate space for hangers and the rack swings the arm out of the way when you are not using. Sumnacon is suitable for small spaces, bathrooms, porch, and much more. You can confidently hang jackets, jeans, and sweaters. Include bags, hat, and necklaces and they will all have their drying space. Grab your piece of Sumnacon Rack on Amazon now.

Sumnacon Wall Clothes Hanger Rack


  • Sturdy & Functional Stainless Steel Material
  • Ideal for Heavy Jeans, Jackets, and Sweaters
  • Rotate Clothes Rack; Swings 180 Degrees
  • Easy to Install and Space Saver
  • Elegant and Time Saver

6. Polder Retractable Folding Clothes Dryer

Polder Dryer Rack provides you with a solution for air-drying garments where space is limited. It comes with two mounting brackets and other hardware, and it’s easy to move from one room to another. You can mount it in a laundry room, bathroom, utility room, or garage. It is a versatile clothing dryer that you can use with all genres of clothes conveniently. It’s 24’’ frame containing 21’’ dowel rods easily hold wet towels, fine delicates, and provides 12.25 feet drying space.

Polder Retractable Folding Clothes Dryer


  • Folding Accordion Design Mounts Perfectly for Air Drying Wet Clothes
  • Opens to 18’’ and Retracts to 5.25’’ for Storage; 24’’ when mounted
  • Weighs 22 lbs
  • Multi-Room Options
  • Provides 12.25’ Drying Space; 7 Fixed Rods Are Staggered for aeration
  • Includes 2 Sets of Brackets for Multiple Room Set-up
  • Dimensions: 18 x 21 x 18 inches; Weighs 2. 5 lbs

7. Sweshine Folding Clothes Hanger

Sweshine Hanger Rack is a suitable solution for your laundry room, bathroom, balcony, and bedroom to keep your clothing lot clean and well ventilated. The package contents include 1 rack, 2 anchor plugs, 2 mounting brackets, and 2 screws. The hanger provides 11.5’’ space for hanging clothes and folds up freely when not in use.

Sweshine rack features a sturdy stainless steel bar, and a lightweight non-corroding Aluminium casing yet holds up to 55 lbs of weight. It creates a spacious closet of 15.55’’ x 1.69’’ x 11.5’’ when open and saves you much space. Unpack the installation hardware, follow the mount instructions, and get your rack ready for the task.

Sweshine Folding Clothes Hanger


  • Minimalism Folding Design
  • Strong & Durable Aluminium Casing
  • Super Space-Saving
  • Multi-room Options
  • Easy Installation

8. Honey-Can-Do DRY-01168 Drying Rack

Honey Drying Rack is a good choice for your indoor laundry that will keep your clothing ready to wear. The sturdy wood construction has non-slip stands and folds 3’’ deep in an accordion style. Add this product to your shopping basket for your laundry room.

Honey-Can-Do DRY-01168 Drying Rack


  • Sturdy Wooden Clothes Drying Rack
  • 24-Feet Drying Space
  • Coated Drying Bars; Non-Slip Design
  • Unique Locking System, No Tool Assembly
  • Dimensions: 29’’ x 14’’ x 42’’ (W X D X H)

Buying Guide

Shopping advice can help you to know what you want in your next purchase of a mounting drying rack. As a customer, you want no faulty or low-quality product. Therefore, the tips below will provide guidance for you to make a choice eventually.

  • Size of your stock

It is important to take stock of the bundle of your clothing and that of the significant others that you share the house with. This will help you to draw a conclusion on the load capacity. There are racks that can only hold light clothes, and those suitable for heavy clothing. The capacity varies with brand. You require a high capacity rack for a family to facilitate a general wash whereas an individual doing minimal washing needs a small rack.

  • Durable material

Avoid simple and cheap drying racks from local retailers. It is wise to buy items that will last long especially for domestic use and that will save you money. Amazon market sells brands that are of high quality and competitive in the world market. All the racks are made of reliable material such as stainless steel, and MDF & Pinewood. They are durable and corrosion-proof. It is worth spending your money on durable items.

  • Place and Purpose Of Use

A good drying rack is the one that can be used in different settings: living room, bedroom, bathroom, and so on. If the rack can be used to hold varieties of clothes and delicates then such an all-inclusive design is better than a clothes-only rack.

  • Design

Sleek and lightweight design is more preferable than a bulky rack. Keeping in step with fashion by replacing the old designs is important to give your house a facelift. Recent designs come with special modifications and new solutions just for you.

  • User-Friendliness

Buy clothes rack that is easy to mount and unmount. Consider health effects. Any item that is a health hazard is not worth your money since your health comes first.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What if my package is faulty?

Please consult the customer support team as soon as possible. The service is available 24/7 to attend all the clients of Amazon to the point of their needs. Packaging oversights occur occasionally but they are resolved amicably to ensure customer satisfaction.

Does the product require assembling?

No. That would be rather nagging. The product comes already assembled and ready for installation. Countercheck the package for all the necessary hardware then follow installation instructions. Locate the studs on your wall for firm mounting.

What is the load capacity of these drying racks?

The weight capacity varies from one brand to another. Some racks support only lightweight clothes below 20 lbs. Others hold a medium capacity of approximately 60 pounds. Jumbo racks withstand over 100 lbs. The number of tiers and other modifications enhance capacity. Consider your type of clothes and quantity so as to select the best rack to serve you well.

Can I use it for all laundry materials?

That is a very important question. Some mounting racks cannot support heavy-duty clothes such as jeans, sweaters, jackets, and bedding. Assess the strength of the rack to see if it is the best you need. Some varieties are suitable for light clothes and delicates.

Does it stick out the same distance as the one I have in the house?

Not sure. It is important to replace your old rack with the recent designs that are more user-friendly. The far it sticks out differs with models. The new designs save you more space while making installation easy. When not in use, you can fold out to recover your space.


Amazon supplies the best wall mount clothes drying racks that will provide you with the best services. The prices are competitive and the quality is worth the price tag. The best 8 brands of wall mount drying racks under 50$ lead your search for your most appropriate option according to your taste. View more varieties of wall drying racks and other quality products from the Amazon and buy today.

Consider the latest variety that will meet your needs. It is time to upgrade your laundry. Place an order and get your delivery in due time.

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