5 Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying Folding Table?

When it comes to purchasing a folding table, there is a great deal to look for than only a primary assembly with four legs, a flat surface and the aptitude to fold flat. With numerous table styles and alternatives on the marketplace, at times mix-up unfolds quicker than these tables! Consequently, we have centered on some of the topmost features to deliberate in aiding you to select the perfect folding table for your requirements.

Here are some of the things to keep in mind before buying the folding table?

  • The size of the folding table
  • The shape of the folding table
  • Look for Transportability Features
  • Look for Safety Aspects
  • What sort of locking mechanism is beneath the table?

1. Size

Size actually does matter when we come to tables, ensure that you account for that space around the table if individuals are going to employ it to sit at, sounds evident but you shall be astonished at the number of persons that forget this tiny jewel!

As a general decree ensure you have no less than 42” of space from your table to the furniture or wall to permit people to get inside and out. Also depending on the use, you may have different requisites as to the extent of tabletop space every individual will need, consequently take all of this into deliberation before you purchase buy.

2. Shape

Rectangular tables are indeed the most common folding tables; they are stress-free to combine into bigger square tables or place next to one another other in rows, perfect for large occasions. Roundtables are undoubtedly suitable for lesser or awkward areas or if you desire to generate an undeniably social setting as it is tranquil for everybody seated to communicate with each other. Yet again it really comes back to the intent of your tables in the initial place.

3. Look for Transportability Features

How to have everything set up for an occasion can habitually be one of the final things considered. Not everybody can lift 50-60 lbs, plus not every person has a van for carrying 6-foot or 8-foot tables. Contemplate about the weight of your table and some design aspects such as carrying handle or the aptitude to fold in two. The fold-in-half design will make it stress-free to fit quite a few into the trunk of your car. The heaviness of a table shall largely rest on its material of manufacture. Choose the table afore you buy it, and think around carrying it in and out of your office or home. Does it require some strength?

4. Look for Safety Aspects

Perhaps the most ignored features are safety aspects. The final thing you necessitate is for your table to breakdown while it is being used! Look for a safe and sound locking mechanism for your table legs. It is recommendable you look for the “gravity” locking ring– the ring that glides down your table leg frame (with innate gravity—thus you do not have to glide it) plus locks the legs in position. This shall stop the table legs from bending when bumped. If your table folds in two, search for a mechanism which locks the table top once it is assembled. This shall keep your table flat whereas you are using it, so it will not start to fold at the center while bumped.

5. What kind of locking mechanism is underneath the table?

There is a big debate about the locking mechanisms—gravity lock or snap lock—makes lots of logic for the folding tables. We are not going to be drawn into this great debate—one purchaser that adores snapping locks dislikes gravity locks whereas another adores gravity plus dislikes snap. Just ensure that when you are getting tables that you are cognizant with which lock is obtainable, so you are ready for what to anticipate.


Coming in a diversity of shapes, sizes, materials folding tables are countless for outdoor and indoor events, parties, banquets or even institutional or healthcare employment. Thanks to the collapsible designs, they present a way to transform vacant rooms into lecture halls or banqueting areas in minutes plus make the most of storage space when not in usage. Use this guide to discover the apt folding tables for you and your needs!

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