Top 5 Wall Mounted Bookshelf under 50$

Wall-mount shelves turn empty walls into perfect space to store and show off your favorite trinkets or photos at the eye level. You can find several shelves that are coordinated with your furniture, and all you have to do is to make the right choices. On, you’ll find wall-mount shelves of any size, including some you can cut to an exact size. This implies that you can find shelves to match any space.

You might assume that you’ve achieved a balanced organization in your private library. However, if you’ve not tried what wall-mount shelves can do for you, then you’re missing a lot. Imagine a home library with everything off the floor where you can find anything hassle-free?

That’s what you get with the wall-mounted bookshelf. You cannot beat the beauty and professional organization you get from these shelves. This is everything you hoped would make your library look more stylish.

Advantages of Wall Mounted Bookshelf

  • Customizable Shelf Storage
    When it comes to home shelf storage solutions, the first thing you should have a look at is customizability. With wall-mounted shelves, you got lots of custom designs in spades. You shouldn’t assume that you can only select colors with only a few choices on sizes. You get exactly what you want.This implies that with wall-mounted shelves, you select correct sizing, the functionality of what you want to store and materials. If you want shelves for your kids’ reading room or for your study room, you shouldn’t worry as there’s plenty of that.
  • Frees Up Floor Space
    A study room is such an open or varied space, and you wouldn’t imagine your books stoked up in huge closed cabinets that take much of your floor space.It’s time you thought of having solutions that will give you much space to pack your books and still leave extra floor space.
  • Wall Mounted Shelves are Stylish and Organized
    You must have seen a stylish home library in a magazine and only wished it was yours. No more wishing: it’s time you built one for yourself. Wall-mounted bookshelves come in many colors that mimic their functionality and the furniture around.You’ll get shelves for kids reading areas and for your living room as well. You can look for those that reflect your furniture style and colors. Apart from being stylish, they help you keep your rooms organized.

The Best 5 Wall Mounted Bookshelf Under $50

Whether they are lightly furnished with a collection of candles, plants, and bowls or piled high with books, styled shelves add some shape and function to otherwise neglected walls. Here’s a list of the best five on

1. SONGMICS Wall Shelf- with 3 Floating Shelves

SONGMICS Floating Wall Shelf 15 inch Easy Install for Decorative Display

This unit has dual use with a maximum bearing weight of about 15kg for each cube. It comes with a novel design that will blend with your furniture’s profile perfectly, offering you an attractive and contemporary way of displaying your CDs, souvenirs, jewelry, and books.

The SONGMICS Wall Shelf has the advantage of easy assembly.

The cubes are easy to put together and can be set up on walls seamlessly with cloaking metal plates and screws. Don’t worry about this as you’ll get detailed instructions how to go about the installation.


  • Environmental-friendly materials: The shelf is made of quality MDF material that satisfies the E1 degree standards, environmentally friendly, and durable. Frame thickness is about 1.8 cm. Perfect workmanship is something else you’ll like about this shelf. It comes with 4 coats of gloss varnish on every cube.
  • SONGMICS Wall Shelf can be used widely within the house: It is suitable for study rooms, bedrooms, corridors, bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms. This is the solution you’ve been waiting to revamp your living space.


2. HOMFA Wall Bookshelf

Comes with 2 sets of tree floating shelves, a CD storage rack, and measures 33x15x90cm. It is accompanied by a fashionable and distinct style and will revamp any room you place it. The 2 sets of tree floating shelves have 8 cubes where you can place a lot of books and CDs, thus providing you with some good storage space.


  • This shelf is made of high-quality board that’s very solid and long-lasting.
  • It also comes with hardware and a detailed installation guide.
  • The guide is a bit simple so you can complete the installation process by yourself. You can install it in your living area, study room or hallway.


3. Love-KANKEI Floating Shelves

This is a unique and stylish shelf that’s a bit different from the U-shaped or the cube shelves. It is made from wood and iron painted with a nontoxic paint making this shelf sturdy and environmental friendly.

The Love-KANKEI Floating Shelf features a retro style with industrial grade metal brackets and torched finished decorative wood. This makes it a nice decorative shelf giving you an endless DIY combination of your walls.


  • You can install this shelf to bring a unique decoration to any of your rooms to display general pieces and bits, for example, study room and living room.
  • It also features a heavy-duty board with a bearing weight of about 10kg and comes in small, medium, and large designs, which measure 23×10.3×10.6, 33×10.3×10.6, and 43×10.3×10.6, respectively.
  • Installation is straightforwardly assisted by a detailed instructions guide.


4. HOMFA Wood Bookcase- 6 Tier S-Shape Bookshelf

The 6 tier HOMFA wood bookcase gives you adequate storage space. The 6 tier design also gives a unique open design, thus making it easier to store or display your items. It is suitable for books, CD, and ornaments storage.


  • The HOMFA bookcase has wide usage at home. It can be used as a display or storage shelf in the study room, living room, hallway or office.
  • It is built with high-quality particle board material, thus giving it a solid construction. This also makes it a solid and sturdy bookshelf for long-term use. Its smooth finish makes cleaning easier.
  • The shelf features a contemporary and an elegant S-design bringing a modern and fashionable appearance to your space. Interestingly, its design also matches a majority of office and home furniture.
  • It is easy to put together and comes with a flat package, instructional manual, and the parts are equipped with anti-collapse accessories. The shelf measures 190x70x23.5 cm.


5. 97cm White Black Wood Effect Wall Mounted Storage Shelf

This MDF storage unit is suitable for storage of books, ornaments and an assortment of multimedia products, such as DVDs, CDs, computer games, and Blu-rays. You can either set it up free-standing with fixings included or as a 4 tier vertically standing display shelf.

The shelf is made of medium-grade fiberboard painted white. Comes flat packed and an assembly is required. If mounted, you’re advised to set it up on brick walls only. It is 15cm high, 97cm wide, and 17cm deep.


Wall shelves are decorative features, and most importantly clever storage solutions. A wall shelf can give you some order within your house, showcase your favorite photos, and help to keep your floor free of clutter.

As demonstrated, there is a huge collection of floating shelves, picture ledges, and corner shelves to match your needs. You should choose a model that blends into your furniture, not to mention budget.

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