10 Best Wall Mounted Bedside Table Reviews

Homeowners have been reported to get more innovative than ever with modern furniture designs to help them save their space-starved homes.
It is no longer important to compromise on your furniture style in an attempt to save space. The thoughtful and clever modern designs for the latest variety of flexible furniture units got you covered.

Many homeowners are striving to save their homes from clutter. There is an upsurge in the number of those who are searching for ideas on how to double up their bedside table or bookshelf. They are trying to look for new ways of optimizing their space making their rooms look cozy but not cluttered.

Floating bedside tables can really be helpful in freeing up valuable floor space, while a table on wheels can be moved easily creating more space as and when it is required. A wooden 3-tier table might appear as a more traditional option, but should not be dismissed as it could offer more useful space. All these are options you can go for to free up your bedroom space and, at the same time, get stylish storage spaces.

A little furniture addition to your bedroom like a floating bedside shelf can really make a huge difference in terms of how your house looks, additional storage, and your general feeling toward the room.

You might face some trouble finding the best wall-mounted bedside table for your bedroom since it could be too big for your starved space or too small to fit in your stuff. To help you choose the correct wall-mount bedside table, here’s a list of the 10 best-floating bedside tables.

1. Floating bedside table, Barn-wood style bedside table

Thinking of getting rid of your bulky bedside table? Then this wall mount bedside table could be a perfect fixture for any bedroom.

Floating bedside table Barn

The table is made from strong pine wood that’s coated in a dark walnut stain in order to give it some sophistication and modern touch. A coat of polyurethane has also been applied to give it a smooth durable finish.

This wall-mount bedside table is a perfect storage solution near your bed while not being too bulky to take up all the space you have in your bedroom. The table features top and middle shelves to give you some space for bed-side lamps, cell phones, books, alarm clocks, and many more so you have all your stuff near you while lying in bed or deep asleep at night. Therefore, this table is ideal for customers struggling to save space as well as those who want a simple bedside table.


  • It measures 17.75” x 9” x 5” (LxWxH)
  • The table features top and bottom hidden cord holes,
  • So you can thread any of your electrical cords effortlessly and out of sight.
  • Works perfectly as a console shelf


  • This table can be fixed on any wall
  • Included in the package are wall anchors.
  • Easy to install
  • Gives your bedroom a modern touch
  • Blends in perfectly with other furniture styles


  • Some users don’t like its natural wood smell

2. Greenco GRC3163 Corner Floating Shelves with Concealed Hardware- Espresso Finish, Set of 2

Greenco GRC3163 Corner Floating Shelves with Concealed Hardware

The Greenco Corner wall mount bedside table is yet another modern storage solution for your bedroom. This furniture unit comes in a set of two and is designed for installation at the corner of the room. It is made from the durable MDF laminate that ensures that you can use it as long as you want. This shelf is ideal for offices, bedrooms, and living rooms since it features a triangle that suitable for a corner.


  • This bedside table comes with all the required installation hardware
  • Easy to Install
  • The installation hardware like screws aren’t visible after you set up the shelf
  • It comes coated with an expresso paint to enhance its look and improve the decoration of any room
  • Measures 16.3” x 8.1” x 1.75”


  • The shelf is big enough to keep many of your items
  • Gives your room a modern look thanks to its expresso paint
  • Comes with installation hardware
  • Easy to set up
  • Hardware is concealed when mounted
  • Made of durable MDF laminate


  • Fits only on 90-degree corner angle

3. Floating Nightstand, Bed Side Floating Table, wall mounted nightstand, made in US

This small and dainty wall mount nightstand is ideal for limited space or when you just want additional space for your stuff. This adorable bedside table isn’t just another practical board furniture.

Floating Nightstand, Bed Side Floating Table, wall mounted nightstand

It is crafted of hardwood from Old Glory Wood Shop. This unit is ideal for storing items close to you when you’re in bed while not being too bulky to take up all your floor space. It provides ample bedside storage for alarm clocks, cell phones, books, lamps etc. so you have all your personal items near you while you’re in bed.

This floating end table brings a cozy appeal to your bedroom. You can fill it with knitting, magazines, books and any other nightstand items to make your bedroom experience as cozy as possible.


  • Made in USA by old Glory Wood Shop
  • Measures 12” wide, 10” deep and 6 ½” tall


  • It’s durable as it is made of hardwood
  • Sufficient to keep all your bedside stuff
  • Cozy addition to your room


  • Some users feel it’s a bit too small for all their stuff

4. Mid Century Modern Floating Nightstand, Retro Style Wall Mount Bedside Table, Side Table

Mid Century Modern Floating Nightstand, Retro Style Wall Mount Bedside Table, Side Table

This cozy retro mid-century modern style inspired bedside table gives your bedroom a fresh and a classic appearance. It features rounded corners as well as a handle-free flipping door. This elegant furniture piece adds some modern vibe to any household, blends well into any home décor, and gives you a spacious look by freeing up your floor space.


  • The table is white in color
  • Handle-free and easy to open the flip door
  • Features a flap stay that holds the door in the open position automatically
  • The door can either open from the bottom and swing upward, or flip from the top and swing downwards depending on your needs.
  • It features easy access notches for cables and lamp cords on both the bottom and tops shelves.
  • The notches allow you to accommodate cables and lamp cords easily.
  • Wax finish solid wood- due to its natural characteristics, the wood tones and grain will be varied


  • Fast and straightforward installation
  • No assembly is needed- you just need simple tools
  • Comes with mounting hardware- anchored screws and French cleats
  • The shelf and the door are crafted from Canadian Certified MDF, sealed and finished with a number of top coats making them very durable


  • Might not be big enough to hold all your nightstand necessities

5. Contemporary Floating Nightstand, Floating Bedside Shelf, Wall Mount Nightstand, Side Table, End Table

Contemporary Floating Nightstand, Floating Bedside Shelf, Wall Mount Nightstand, Side Table, End Table

This contemporary nightstand comes packed with a lot of modern styles. It offers you a Scandinavian design that features a handle-free flipping door. It adds some classic and modern vibe to your rooms. In addition, it is designed to match into any color scheme while adding a spacious look by freeing up your floor space.


  • This wall-mounted nightstand is available in color white
  • It features a flip door which you can open either from the bottom or
  • From the top and swing upward or downward depending on how you want it.
  • Just like the Mid Century floating nightstand, the contemporary wall mount nightstand features easy access notches that hold cables and lamp cords easily.


  • The set comes assembled and you only have to install, which is relatively simple
  • Simple tools needed for installation
  • Included in the package are mounting accessories – French cleats and anchored screws


  • Space might not be sufficient to hold all your bedside stuff

6. Floating Nightstand with Drawer and Open Shelf in Solid Walnut

This floating nightstand midcentury modern-inspired is handmade from the elegant solid American Black Walnut. You’ll not get it wrong with this modern bedside storage solution.

Floating Nightstand with Drawer and Open Shelf in Solid Walnut

You can easily mount it on the wall using the accompanying French cleats to get a beautiful appearance. Each piece is crafted from hand-selected hardwood boards fixed with a 45-degree miter to come up with an amazing wrap-around continuous grain.


  • This bedside table features an open shelf and a drawer
  • Crafted from the Solid American Black Walnut
  • You can use this nightstand to keep your essentials, such as books etc
  • Each drawer is crafted from birch ply with solid walnut to blend into the case.
  • You pull the drawer through a 1.25” hole
  • Each furniture set is hand-finished with the natural, non-toxic finish from Vermont Natural Coating


  • Each nightstand table you buy securely and firmly hangs on a cleat
  • The nightstand comes with all the necessary mounting hardware.
  • You will get Instructional Manual
  • The nightstand is very strong and durable
  • It’s easy to install
  • You can mount it on wall studs over plaster or drywall


  • Some customers complain that the cleat isn’t strong enough to hold heavy items

7. Sleek Floating Nightstand Drawer, Wall Mount Side Table, Floating Bedside Table

Sleek Floating Nightstand Drawer, Wall Mount Side Table, Floating Bedside Table

This is perhaps the newest addition to the huge collection of nightstand designs from Spark Shell Craft. Motivated by the sleek appearance of the modern Scandinavian designs, this nightstand comes with a simple minimalistic design, smooth rounded corners, an eye-catching 2-tone color, and an overall sharp look. Its design is a space saver and a practical yet contemporary fixture to your home.

The drawer’s front panel and the shelf are crafted from certified Canadian MDF, sealed and finished with several multiple top coats that come with a durable finish. The top of the drawer frame is made of natural wood veneer that’s finished with clear coats. On the other hand, the slider rails and the drawer box are crafted from the traditional hardwood for durability.


  • The unit is white in color
  • The drawer opens smoothly and when closed, it flushes to the table-top
  • It also features an elegantly angle-cut hand pull
  • You can as well pull the drawer from the bottom of the drawer face
  • Features easy access notches to take in all your cables and lamp cords.
  • Measures 18 x 12 x 6 inches (WxDxH)


  • Easy and simple setup
  • No assembly is needed
  • Mounting hardware is included in the package


  • Too costly according to some customers

8. Mini Cubby Floating Nightstand, Small Wall Mount Side Table, Narrow Bedside Table

The Mini Cubby wall mount side table is designed for small rooms as well as starved bedside space. Its small yet big enough space lives up to the expectations of storing all your daily use items.

Mini Cubby Floating Nightstand, Small Wall Mount Side Table, Narrow Bedside Table

The unit is simple and functional in storing books and managing cables and lamp cords. This basic yet modern piece blends into your home style effortlessly. It looks clean and practically ideal in your small room.


  • This nightstand features easy access notches on both the bottom and top shelves to manage cables and other electrical cords.
  • It is crafted from certified Canadian medium-density fiberboard, sealed and coated with several coats of superior quality paints.
  • The paints are very durable so you don’t have to worry about repainting.
  • Small and compact design
  • Satin finish type
  • Measures 8” x 8” x 9” (WxHxL)
  • Lacquer paint type


  • Easy and fast installation
  • No assembly required
  • Comes with installation hardware- anchored screws and a French Cleat
  • Compact and space saving design


  • The cubby design might be too small for some items

9. Floating Nightstand – Pine

This is a floating nightstand that can be mounted directly to the wall to save more floor space underneath.

Floating Nightstand - Pine

It makes the room feel a bit bigger and makes it easier to vacuum the floors underneath. It comes with a shelf for your books and a drawer for anything else you might need close to your bed.


  • The drawer is constructed with dovetail joints- the strongest wood joints.
  • This can last for generations.
  • The manufacturer handpicks the best hardwoods that do not crack or warp.
  • It features a dark Walnut finish. It can also be painted with the paint of your choice
  • The stand is first stained then sealed with semi-gloss spar varnish to protect the undercoat.
  • Every unit is hand-made so the finish or the color might be different for each item
  • Measures 13” wide, 12” high, and 12” deep


  • Made of high quality hand-picked solid woods hence the furniture set is durable
  • No assembly needed
  • Easy and fast installation


  • A bit too pricey for some buyers

10. Floating Bedside Table, Mini Night Table

This mini wall-mount bedside table is crafted from cedar wood. You can choose to set it up in your dresser or have it next to your bed so you always have your essentials next to while you’re in bed.

Floating Bedside Table, Mini Night Table

The unit is compact enough not to take up all your bedside space. You can use it to keep your cell phones, alarm clocks etc. It will help you have all your personal stuff near you while you just lying in bed or asleep at night.


  • Comes colored in Walnut
  • Measures 10” wide, 5” deep, and 5” tall
  • Weighs 2 pounds


  • This floating nightstand is easy to attach on any wall
  • Comes completely assembled and ready for use
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Space saving compact design


  • Can be a bit too small for some users


Wall mount bedside tables are perfect examples of furniture sets that have to excel both in function stakes and form. There no need of having a stunning bedside table if you simply can’t reach for your bedside lamp.

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At the same time, you don’t want to have your beautifully designed bedroom ruined by a jarringly out-of-place furniture set. Once you have sorted your bed, clothes storage, and bed-linen, it’s time to take on the dilemma of what is to be on either side of your bed, and there no better way to do it than with the help of a wall-mount bedside table.

Take into consideration the table’s height

The most ideal height for a bedside table is approximately even with the top level of your mattress. The top of the table should be roughly even with your sleeping surface to make it easy for you to reach for your items and create a clean sight line across your bed. You’d rather fix it a bit higher than lower as it looks much better.

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