What To Look For In A Wall Mounted Fireplace

What To Look For In A Wall Mounted Fireplace?

Wall-mounted fireplaces are becoming more and more popular by the day and are replacing traditional fireplaces. They are great to have as they provide you with much-needed warmth on a cold night and make your home attractive.

Wall-mounted fireplaces come in different shapes, sizes, design styles, and models. They are affordable and are not harmful to pets and children. They are safe, as toxic gases are emitted in negligible amounts.

Things to Look For In A Wall Mounted Fireplace While Buying Online?

Choosing the perfect wall hung fireplace for your home can be daunting. You need to choose a hung wall fireplace that performs satisfactorily without making your home an eyesore. In this article, I will share some of the features to look for in a wall-mounted fireplace.

1. Consider Heat Output

If you want to keep warm during those cold nights, you might want to consider choosing a wall-mounted fireplace that offers a good heat output. A standard one will produce approximately 2 kw.

To know which heat output is suitable, you also should consider the size of your room where the fireplace will be mounted. The bigger the size of the room, the higher the heat output, and vice versa.

2. Consider Where Heat will be Expelled Out

When choosing a wall-mounted fireplace, it’s essential to consider where heat will be released. Let’s say you want to put your TV or bookshelf above the fireplace. In this case, your fireplace isn’t supposed to release heat from the top, as it may damage your furniture.

You should also keep in mind that how your fireplace is mounted on the wall will determine where heat will be expelled. A fireplace inserted into the wall will release heat from an opening at the front, while one that’s mounted on the surface will release heat from the top or bottom.

3. Consider Color 

Wall-mounted fireplaces come in various colors, and you may be tempted to buy any color you come across. However, the color you choose for your wall hung fireplace will significantly impact your home’s overall appearance.

Also, the color of the electric wall mounted fireplace should complement your room and furniture color. You probably want your room to look its best. Getting a fireplace with an awful color is the last thing you should do.

4. Consider the Design Elements in your Room

When getting a wall-mounted fireplace, it’s essential to choose one that complements your room’s design elements. Rectangular models are pretty standard; however, there are other designs like flat screen and curved panels that you can choose from.

Choose a design that complements the features in your room; otherwise, your room will be an eyesore.

5. Consider Energy Efficiency

There are several makes of wall mounted fireplaces on the market. All are designed differently and offer different energy efficiencies. The good thing is that many walls mounted fireplaces provide high energy efficiency.

You probably want to keep warm during cold times, without having to deal with high energy costs. You should choose a wall-mounted fireplace with a high energy efficiency rating to cut energy costs.

6. Consider Size and Cost

When purchasing a wall-mounted fireplace, you must consider the size of your fireplace. Wall-mounted fireplaces come in different sizes. Whether you want your fireplace in a small size or large, the choice is all yours. If you want to learn about the installation cost of the wall-mounted fireplace read here.

If you are under a tight budget, you should consider buying a cheap wall mounted fireplace. However, make sure it’s of good quality. It’s better to invest in a fireplace that will last longer than a cheap, low-quality one.

7. Consider the Availability of the Fan System

A fan is an essential component that your wall mounted fireplace should have. A built-in fan in your fireplace will ensure that your fireplace doesn’t overheat. If it’s a warm day and you just want to enjoy a cozy atmosphere, a flame coupled with a fan is the real deal.

You don’t have to worry about the freezing temperatures in winter. A fan on your fireplace ensures that warmth will be distributed evenly. This means that a fan is a necessary component of your contemporary fireplace, whether it’s cold or warm.

8. Consider the Control Panel

You should choose a fireplace with a control panel that tickles your fancy. There are wall-mounted fireplaces that are controlled by a remote and others that are touch-sensitive. Each of these models has good aspects and downsides. 

With a touch screen model, you won’t be able to control your fireplace’s settings if the touch screen gets broken. On the other hand, a remote-controlled model will allow you to control your fireplace settings without touching the screen.

9. Consider the Flame

When choosing a wall-mounted fireplace, you must pay attention to the product specifications to see what kind of lighting and flame it has. The flame in your fireplace can be great during the warmest of days. During such times you’ll need to turn on the flame and not the heater. 

It’s essential, therefore, that you choose a model equipped with both the heater and flame. This will allow you to have a great cozy atmosphere any season of the year.

10. Consider Industry Regulations

When buying a wall-mounted fireplace, you should know the industry regulations first. If you aren’t sure about the regulations, a quick google search will help. You mustn’t purchase a wall-mounted fireplace that doesn’t comply with industry regulations. 

Furthermore, the fireplace you buy should have all the necessary certificates. Don’t buy a fireplace with no certificates as it may lead you to problems.

Final Verdict

If you want to heat your living space, a wall hung fireplace is the way to go. However, buying a wall-mounted fireplace can be a pain in the neck if you aren’t sure of what to look for in your fireplace. There are several different models of wall hung fireplaces on the market that you can choose from.

They all have various features. You need to buy wisely to have the best experience when using fireplaces. By looking for the features mentioned above, when choosing a wall-mounted fireplace, you are guaranteed to have a great experience.

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