Wall Mounted Fireplace vs Recessed Fireplace

Wall Mounted Fireplace vs Recessed Fireplace

Wall Mounted Fireplace Vs Recessed Fireplace: Many homeowners right now are eyeing several contemporary designs with aesthetic appeal for their houses. Even architects and interior designers are looking for new and conventional ways to improve their designs for modernized housing. Common designs that we see on our walls are just a bunch of paintings and other artsy materials.

However, have you ever thought of adding up a flare in your big, blank wall? If not, you might want to read this article to get yourself another food for thoughts and a heap of fresh ideas in making your home cozy and elegant by adding up a fireplace on your wall.

Which is which: Wall Mounted Fireplace vs Recessed Fireplace?

Apparently, modern fireplaces are now more in-demand as compared to the traditional fireplaces. Modern fireplaces are well-suited for rooms with limited space, can be an insert on a wall or a cabinet. These fireplaces do not produce any harmful byproducts which can be detrimental to our health.

Some of these fireplaces are electric and some are using bioethanol which is safe for our environment. In contrast, traditional fireplaces are clunky and are somehow inconvenient for places with smaller space, and are unviable for installing a chimney. Compared to the traditional one, many people will choose these contemporary fireplaces as it is easy to install, and needs less maintenance.

For people who usually rents a house and would like to add some heating system to their preferred room, either a wall mounted fireplace or recessed fireplace is a good choice which can save you a lot – not just in money but also in terms of stress while you are working in installing it. Due to fact that these fireplaces are easy to install and has a lot of modern designs that can brighten any room in your house, it can surely spark conversations when you have visitors.

However, many people are somehow confused on which one to choose, thus, sparking a long debate about wall-mounted fireplace vs recessed fireplace. Although both options can produce heat as needed, different people have different tastes and opinions on which one is aesthetically pleasing for them, However, do not worry! We will provide you some distinct differences between these two types of fireplaces in this article.

The Difference Between Wall Mounted Fireplace vs Recessed Fireplace

In terms of aesthetics, wall-mounted fireplaces look 2-Dimensional and somewhat temporary as it sticks out. The installation cost is also cheaper compared to the recessed version. Still, many prefer to get this type due to its modern finishes and its ease of installation. You have plenty of choices when it comes to its finish such as if you want it to be made of stainless steel or if you prefer it to have some classic, woody vibe with a faux wood frame. It also comes in different sizes which can fit the space on your desired wall in your room or office.

The recessed type fireplaces will require you to create a hole in your wall to get it flushed inside. If you are renting, get permission from the landlord first before starting the project. It offers a variety of choices when it comes to its designs and offers a custom and built-in look which makes it professionally finished. Of course, it would cost you a bit more in terms of installation, time and cost. Even the product itself is somehow pricier compared to a wall-mounted fireplace.

Which One to Go: Electric-type fireplace or Gas-type fireplace?

Due to the increasing demand for smart technology nowadays, everything inside our house can be remotely controlled. Thus, even our heating system can be controlled remotely with the use of this technological advancement. However, smart tech products come with a price, and it’s not cheap. However, for those who are capable of buying it, it is definitely worth it. Why? With the ever-increasing possibilities and capabilities of today’s invention and technology, we can enjoy various products that consume less natural resources which are proven to be very cost-effective.

Putting aside the aesthetic value of these modern fireplaces, one thing that a buyer should also consider is how cost-efficient the product is. Some of these contemporary fireplaces need no vent as it consumes electricity to produce fire. And the cost of plugging these electric fireplaces per hour is much cheaper compared to when you actually used wood to burn for an hour.

That’s how awesome our current technology is. Also, as compared to the traditional fireplace, you can easily control the size of the fire that you want, just enough to produce the warmth that you need.

 The same goes for gas-type fireplaces that use a product like bioethanol which is very safe for nature and very cost-efficient. Although it needs to have a vent, the price you will need to pay for the renovation, maintenance, and fuel tanks is somehow cheaper as compared to the traditional ones. Also, how easy it is to clean up these fireplaces will make you think that it’s really worth the price. Truly satisfaction guaranteed.


We discussed in this article the main factors to consider if you are planning to buy these modernized fireplaces. However, the wall-mounted fireplace vs recessed fireplace discussion is still a long way to go as it really depends on one’s taste.

One thing that is guaranteed though, they are definitely a product to go if you want to elevate the decor quality of your home or office. It offers a warm and inviting feel which can make everyone relax and comfortable. You can choose from either stainless steel or faux wood finish that provides an elegant and more expensive look from the traditional fireplace while it offers you cost with a much cheaper price.

Plan the project carefully before buying one. There are a lot of choices out there waiting for you which will make you enjoy the mix and match process in upgrading your house with the use of these fireplaces.

Winter is coming! Hope this post clears your all doubt. Cheers!!

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