Top 10 Wall Mounted Magazine Racks Reviews

Practicality is of great importance when planning a home and if you just have limited space, it becomes a necessity. Today people are minimalist and are opting for the stuff which is more practical in use without creating a heap of items not for use in the long term.

So the need for comfort, easy to use and durability can be attained through a wall mounted magazine rack. These are perfect for organizing your books, literature, brochure and newspapers at an accessible place.

Wall mounted magazine racks are made to withstand a lot of wear-and-tear and can be kept away when not in use. Every rack contains some pockets specially designed to make literature easy to see and access.

It manages the readable stuff in order and saves space while keeping all together. These racks can mount to a wall easily and reflects a beautiful finish that can team up with any lobby, reception or waiting room.
Here are the top ten picks for your consideration.

1. 5-Pocket Onyx Magazine Rack- Editors Pick

This 5-Pocket magazine display puts your things within reach in a stylish and accessible wall-mounted rack leaves the room free of magazine clutter and full of modern materials. The Onyx 5-Pocket Magazine Rack offers a contemporary look in magazine racks that will easily fit into any setting. It is the perfect addition to any collaborative space, home office, private office, lobby or hospitality area.

With deep, mesh pockets, and wall-mounting capabilities, this magazine rack rounds out any space in a functional and stylish way. Easily matches other office furniture, and requires little assembly. Utilizing a powder coat finish to prevent chipping and scratching, with rolled edges creating a sleek aesthetic and the durable design holds up to long-term use, compared to similar brands. Additionally, the rack comes in multiple sizes and assorted finish options as well.


  • Black mesh with powder coat for long-term durability.
  • Five pockets for multiple storages.
  • Wall mounting hardware included for easy assembly.

2. Displays2go MSHWL10BK

The Displays2go MSHWL10BK is a metal magazine holder that offers a simple solution for medical offices, legal clinics and other types of commercial places that have to store a bunch of different magazines, booklets, clipboards, catalogs and other documents out in the open for their customers to have convenient and immediate access to them.

The design for this magazine holder isn’t very complicated, it includes ten different accessible compartments where users can put their magazines and then provide them with the option to divide those compartments into a couple of smaller ones if they would like to put smaller brochures or pamphlets there, around four inches in width. 

This wall mounted magazine holder is 50 inches wide in overall dimensions, therefore, ensure to find a place where it will not get in the way of other stuff. It is simple to install also the mounting hardware is part of the package. Furthermore, the metal construction of this model make this rack durable, even with high volume usage. Plus, the black semi-gloss finish will contrast well with any decor.

3. InterDesign Classico Wall Mount Newspaper and Magazine Holder Rack

This newspaper and magazine holder keeps your favorite bathroom reading material organized, easy to reach as well as eliminate piles of magazines and newspapers from the bathroom floor or countertop. Its compact size makes it the ideal magazine holder rack for maximizing small spaces by creating extra vertical storage space in smaller bathrooms. The Classico wall-mounted steel magazine rack from InterDesign is easy to hang and comes with all the hardware needed for easy installation.

Not only is this magazine holder functional but also stylish as it is available in a variety of finishes.


  • Perfect for small spaces.
  • Easy two-screw installation.
  • Made of durable steel with pearl white finish.
  • Entire part measures: 10.5″ x 3.5″ x 8.5″; Inside basket measures 9″ x 3″

4. Spectrum Diversified Wall Mount Magazine Rack

Stay organized with this Black Wire Magazine Newspaper Caddy from Spectrum. Tired having your magazines and newspaper strewn all over the place? This wall-mounted magazine caddy is perfect for extra storage.

The wall mounting design makes this magazine rack perfect for freeing up floor space. Its design and black finish will surely compliment any decor. The Spectrum Diversified Wall Mount Magazine Rack is made with high-quality materials with thicker powder coating for durability.


  • Wall-mounted design.
  • Electrostatically painted black finish.
  • Great organization tool.
  • Black finish
  • Size : 4.5″L x 12″W x 10.75″H
  • Mounting hardware included.

5. Ikea Kvissle 5 Shelf Metal Wall Magazine File Rack

The Ikea Kvissle 5 Shelf Metal Wall Magazine File Rack was designed to hold the mountain of magazines, letters and all the small things such as paper clips, pens, sweets, paper, mobile chargers that sit on your desk. It tidy ups your office making it look neat while all the small things are hidden away in small, matte white metal boxes with cork lids. Lids that also work well as coasters for your water glass.

You can mount it on the wall or in the drawer; this KVISSLE series takes care of all your different storage needs in and around the desk. The clean, crisp design works just as well at the office as at home.

It is a solid, heavy-duty rack that looks great but gets low marks because it has a tiny opening when assembled. The space between each folder is less than 1/4 inch. However, its metal construction gives it a heavy, sturdy feel and the slim profile offers a modern, contemporary look.

Though it is easy to mount its assembly can be a bit daunting. And due to its weight, you may require a wall stud to screw it into. It should be noted that this magazine rack is intended to be used alone. Do not combine several KVISSLE magazine racks together. The weight will be too heavy for the construction to support.

6. Designstyles Copper Metal Wall Double File Holder

Clear up precious desk space with this Designstyles 2-tier file holder. Functional and stylish, the wall mount holder features two tiers for ample storage to remove files and other paperwork off your desk. Its clean design adds a modern touch to any room. Organize your file folders or sort your paperwork in this angled rack and keep your documents on hand for when you need them.

Overall this magazine holder offers a simple yet classy design in a variety of finishes. We love the fact that you can easily label the bins.

It hangs within minutes, and the sturdy, metal construction ensures it lasts longs. This magazine holder comes in a variety of colors including copper, black, or pewter. Each bin has an area where you can affix a label. However, the bin bottoms aren’t gridded like the fronts, so smaller objects can easily fall through them.


  • Durable metal construction
  • Two spacious slots for letters
  • Frees up desk space
  • Easily mounts to walls
  • Dimensions: 26″H x 12″L x 4″W

7. Wooden Mallet Mount MR 36-14

If your office, lobby or waiting room consistently has people waiting for five minutes or more, you should consider using a wall-mounted magazine rack like the Wooden Mallet MR 36-14. This 14 pocket magazine rack provides your customers, clients and patients with much needed reading literature. Each pocket is 9″ wide and ¾” deep.

Because it has numerous pockets, your customers will have a wide variety of material at their fingertips. This magazine rack is robust, made from solid oak, and designed for daily use. Choose from a variety of wood stain colors. Wall-mounting hardware is included.

Available in three striking colors, the Wooden Mallet Mount looks right at home in a professional reception area, especially close to pieces of wooden furniture. The eight-inch pockets are great for displaying the titles of the magazines being stored.


  • Medium Oak in Color
  • 3/4″ deep pockets.
  • Includes wall mounting hardware.
  • Is built using 3/4″ solid oak sides for added durability.
  • Sealed with a state-of-the-art finish.
  • Thirty-six inches tall
  • One-year warranty against defects

8. Neu Home Wall Mount Magazine Rack

This elegant metal magazine rack makes an excellent addition to any room. In addition to a magazine rack, this item also features a convenient toilet paper holder, making it a fully function means of bathroom storage.

The rack is constructed with high density metal and can be easily mounted to the wall of your bathroom. All of the necessary mounting hardware is included. It can hold multiple magazines as well as up to two rolls of toilet paper. It comes in a gorgeous chrome finish to best match your bathroom décor. 

This magazine rack has a thirty-day warranty and requires no assembly. It is the perfect accent to any bathroom decorated in a classic or contemporary style.


  • Sturdy metal construction
  • Fits 2 rolls of toilet paper
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Available in chrome
  • No assembly required
  • 30-day warranty

9. AdirOffice Hanging Magazine Rack

Make the right choice and add this durable AdirOffice hanging magazine rack to your professional equipment. It is manufactured with transparent, high-quality acrylic providing long-lasting use without chipping or getting scratched. It is also lightweight yet shatter-resistant material that won’t break even if it accidentally hits the ground.

The AdirOffice Hanging Magazine Rack is a reliable storage unit that can conveniently be hanged on the wall, allowing you to keep tables and counter spaces well-ordered and free from clutter. Plus it’s also a useful equipment for your office, lobby or foyer of any professional space offering convenient access to your literature.

The transparent acrylic, which is used, delivers an easy, clear and unobstructed view of any magazines or brochures within the display. This way patients, customers or guests can easily see and choose something to read while they wait. With this easy to clean acrylic material, use a damp cloth and wipe away any dust when needed

For easy mounting, the rack comes pre-drilled holes parts and all the necessary hardware. With a 30-day warranty policy, AdirOffice covers your purchase with one more quality office product.


  • Durable acrylic material
  • Adjustable pockets
  • Transparent display view
  • Neutral color
  • Pre-drilled holes

10. Wall35 Amalfi Metal Wire Baskets

Keep your magazines orderly, and your coffee table free of clutter with the Wall35 Amalfi Metal Wire Baskets. It is not your ordinary magazine holder; it keeps your magazines neatly stored in one place while at the same time embellish your walls. The set of two literature organizer purchase is perfect for the magazines and letter you have piling up. It is also great for housing your pamphlets, mail, letters, catalogs, coupons and more.

The wire racks arrive in one piece to save you time from assembling anything, with the screws and anchors included installation is simple. Hang it on your unused wall space and create versatile storage.

The Wall35 Amalfi Metal Wire is versatile and will look elegant and attractive as a fruit basket or you can use it for storing your potatoes and onions, or use it for the disorganized pantry food. Also perfect for storing your daily kitchen use plastic wrap, aluminum foil, wax paper, parchment paper and sandwich bag box.

Buying Guide – Wall Mounted Magazine Rack

Having a neat and presentable office or a living room requires the proper organization of the furniture and other items in the place. The pieces of furniture you choose should fit properly into the space you have, be beautiful and useful. In addition to your magazine rack to keep your books, magazines, newspapers and other literature well organized, where are some things to consider while purchasing wall mounted magazine holders.

Price : It’s important always to consider your budget concerning the product you want to buy to get value for money. Magazine racks’ prices depend on the type, size and material.

They range between $10 for a simple desktop magazine box to $200 for a free-standing wooden rack. However, there are a few that cost more than $200, due to brand popularity.

Large wooden racks cost more than their plastic and metal counterparts. Wooden racks look better and easily match other furniture in your room. If you are not interested in aesthetics, then you can get a plastic or metal rack. You should, however, avoid some cheap magazine racks, mostly made of plastic, that crack and break easily.

Features : There are various types of magazine racks, based on the materials they are made of and their mode of mounting. You can either get a metal, wooden rack or plastic depending on your taste and needs. When it comes to mounting, space will be an essential factor to consider.

There are wall-mount racks that come with devices to hang on your wall, free-standing, tabletop, corner-mounted and rotating display racks. We’ll get into more details in a while.

Size – Consider the space you have available before getting one. This will guide you on the dimensions you’ll want for the rack.
Material- If you fancy antique furniture to complement the appearance of your room, you can opt for a wooden rack. Otherwise, you can get a metal or plastic one that will suit your needs.

Color – You may want to consider the color if you want the rack to match the other furniture in your room. There are various colors you can choose from.

Capacity – This goes with size. The larger the rack, the more the space. If you have a lot of books and magazines lying around, then you can get one with a larger capacity; otherwise, you can get a small one.

Construction and Design : Magazine racks come with varying structures, based on the materials they are made of. The wooden racks look like small, open cabinets with pockets divided by wood pieces.

They are sturdy and wall mountable. The metal racks come in different designs. You can also choose plastic magazine racks they’ve various designs and shapes. Some have shelves that you can pull out and push in.

Performance and Ease of Use : No one wants to have books, newspapers, magazines, and other forms of literary materials lying around the office or living room. Magazine or book racks helps us keep them in order.

Before buying one, though, it is essential that you check the amount of literary materials you have, to get a rack that can handle the job. Also, check the space you have in your room to get one that will fit and incorporate properly into the space.

The material is also relevant to consider. Go for racks made with sturdy materials to withstand daily use and the weight of the magazines. However, if you merely want to get organized, then you can get any rack made of wood, plastic or metal. You may also want to consider easy access if you need to ensure customers can easily pick out their favorite magazine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q-1. Why would I want a wall mounted magazine rack?
Wall mount magazine racks are very popular in areas where there is minimal space. This is because they rarely utilized any space in a room. Wall mounted magazine holder also look enhance your interior decor.

Q-2. Which wall mounted magazine rack is the best?
There are hundreds of options for wall mount magazine holders. Each model accommodates different needs and requirements. Because of this, you cannot label any single model as the “best.” Just pick the one that fits your needs.


Whether you’re looking to store all your booklets and pamphlets in an office or for a beautiful little piece of furniture where you could put your magazines and books in the comforts of your own home, you could never go wrong with a wall mounted magazine rack. Wall mounted magazine racks keep your home or office organized and your reading materials corralled together, plus it offers your guests some easy-to-access entertainment.

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