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10 Best Wall Mounted Fireplace To Buy In 2023

Can’t bear cold nights or winters any longer? Well, this is the time you should think of wall mounted fireplaces. Although there are other alternatives for heating your house, just like heat fans and/or radiators, a good number of people prefer wall mount fireplaces in their homes. So, what exactly makes wall-mount fireplaces very popular?

The best wall mounted fireplace is not only useful in heating your house, but also in adding some form of style. Its finest pulsating flames mimic the gleam and waver of a real fire that creates an impression of standard, original fire.

A wall mount fireplace is no miss in any modern house. It calls for little or no maintenance as compared to conventional fireplaces. It operates on electricity; hence you no longer need to clean up the ashes or vent the gasses generated. Dictated by the mood in the room, you can decide to have fire flames from roaring to soothing flames.

10 Best Wall Mounted Fireplace To Buy in 2023

A wall mount fireplace makes your room attractive. It doesn’t call for any specific installation. You just have to mount it to your desired location and plug it into a power outlet. Then just sit back and enjoy it curling up in soothing flames all night long. Read on for a list of the 10 best wall mount fireplaces of 2023.

1. Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace By The Touchstone Model – 80001 Onyx

Realize sophistication, elegance, and ultimate comfort with the Touchstone 80001 Onyx fireplace, and render a statement with an elegant design in your office, living room, family room, and bedroom. You will fall in love with the warmth and comfort that comes with this fireplace through its fast heating settings and realistic flames. With regards to functionality, this model won’t disappoint you, so read on.

The model features a recessed wall-mount electric fireplace that measures about 50 in. therefore offering realistic flames set on a crystal hearth or on faux logs.

However, these two options are offered in the box irrespective of what you choose, which lay at the back of a black frame and thick tempered glass. This design gives you an elegant atmosphere and an original fireplace. You can use this model to heat your living room, office, or bedroom up to 400sq ft. It also allows you to control the heating temperature through high and low-temperature settings.

In winter, you should set up the high temperature setting to ease the frozen days and nights. Set it on low heat if want some chill. You can as well adjust the flames on this model dictated by your selected luminosity with the 5-flame brightness setting. Its luminosity ranges from dull ember glow to a blazing light.


  • Easy installation
  • Realistic and stunning flames
  • Long-lasting modern built design
  • Comes with safety features for safe use


  • The heater is perfect but not as outstanding
  • The blower is a bit quiet but not silent.

2. Recessed Fireplace By Touchstone Sideline 

Buyers always try to look for wall-mount fireplaces that take after the conventional fireplaces without smoke or ash. You can now enjoy the warmth and comfort that come with modern electric fireplaces. The Touchstone Sideline Recessed Fireplace is crafted and designed to be wall-mounted for a contemporary appearance. It’s an adaptable fireplace that adds a touch of modern home design to your house.

This fireplace model comes with heat vents on its upper front. It’s a functional and practical add-on to keep your house warm and habitable. The Touchstone Sideline Recessed Fireplace is a package with several modes that allow you to adjust flames to your preferred brilliance.

For an original feel, the Touchstone Sideline Recessed Fireplace features faux fire logs and glass crystals. You should mount it at least 12 inches from the ceiling level. It operates with a 1500 wattage or 120 volts. It also features an in-built timer that allows you to turn off the unit after a pre-set time of a maximum of 7.5 hours.


  • Simple installation
  • Blends into any home decor
  • Provides a relaxing ambiance
  • Features a bright realistic flame


  • Can be better with a thermostat
  • Produces a high-pitch sound when you put on the blue light

With regards to performance, this fireplace features low and high heat settings, which are perfect during winter. The low heat setting is appropriate for ample to slightly chilly weather, while the high heat setting is appropriate for cold days and nights.

3. Wall-mounted Flat Panel Fireplace By PuraFlame Galena Black 36-inch

The PuraFlame is just an ideal fixture for your house. It comes with a polished black design, thus adding some elegance to any room. Its glass front panel blends in with the exterior frame finish, therefore making the PuraFlame a great masterpiece.

You can opt to mount it on a free-standing model or wall-mounted. What’s interesting is that, with or without heat, the PuraFlame can produce attractive and realistic flame effects.

You can as well adjust the brightness or the intensity of the flame with an LCD remote control included in the package. The remote device is multifunctional and operates on 2AAA batteries. You must use it to operate the control panel. With the remote device, you can adjust any setting on the unit.

The unit features eye-catching and a perfect combination of colors that create memorable images. The unit includes LED back lights, which you can turn on to produce a 12 multicolor combination effect. You’ll, in addition, enjoy a maximum of 4 levels of LED flame brightness schemes.

You’ll find it easy installing the unit and has a smooth operation. The PuraFlame Galena fireplace comes with a 1350W fan heater that can warm up a room of up to 400sq. ft. A thermostat is included in the unit for safety. It shuts off the heater automatically in case it senses any overheating. Therefore, it maintains an optimum room temperature. You can set a timer between 30 minutes and 9 hours to automatically shut off the fireplace in case you forget to switch it off.


  • Easy installation
  • Uses LCD remote control
  • Can produce a 12 multicolor combination scheme
  • A thermostat is included for safety


  • Insufficient visual ambience

4. Moda Flame Houston 50″ Fireplace in Black

Look no further for home heating and innovative indoor fireplace solutions. The stylish 50 in. Moda Flame Houston fireplace is what you need to revamp your home. It’s an attention-grabbing masterpiece that comes in black and white to blend into any of your furniture. It’s a charming fireplace offering life-like visual effects and doesn’t take much of your floor space. It mimics real-life fire burning to give you a cozy atmosphere in your house.

With this wall mount fireplace, you enjoy ambience with or without heat for the 4 seasons. It features a fan-forced heater producing more than 5000 BTUs enough to heat up a room not more than 400 sq. ft. A thermostat is included in the unit for safe operation. It cuts off the power supply in case the heater overheats. Therefore, your room is only heated to a specified temperature.

A hand-held multifunctional remote makes it convenient to choose between 3 options: high or low heating, and flame only settings. This fireplace features an automatic shut-off feature, which allows you to program your heating between 30 minutes and 7.5 hours.

The Moda Flame Houston 50″ Fireplace requires no wood, gel, gas, ethanol, or chimney, thus making it eco-friendly. It comes with wall-mounting accessories, which make mounting hassle-free. A clear glass allows you to clearly view the rolling flames and glowing ambers. You can mount your TV set above a 36-inch clearance and enjoy your favorite shows in a warm room.


  • No venting
  • Features a 3-stage remote
  • Can operate with or without heat
  • Can heat a room of up to 400 sq. ft.


  • Particles form inside the glass

5. Wall Mount Fireplace – Electric – Slim Size – AKDY AZ520AL (Series AZ 520A) 

AKDY AZ520AL is a great fixture in your room and has been designed to set the right mood. This slim wall-mount fireplace is a perfect conversational piece between strangers or visitors. This is what would be described aesthetic-wise as an amazing design, great colors, and finest finish. You don’t have to choose functionality overlooks since this unit comes with the correct balance between the two.

AKDY AZ520AL fireplace is not just about looks. It is a good source of heat in your home. It is designed with high and low heat settings. You can set it up anywhere within your house, maybe in your office, bedroom, or living room.

You’ll find this unit interesting for its realistic flame images, ember bed, and log set. Remote control is included in the package to adjust a number of settings, thus making it easy to use and operate. The fireplace will be up and running by just a push on a button. The unit is simple to set up and needs no assembly. Just get it out of the box, mount it on your preferred wall, plug it into a 120V power outlet and enjoy the warmth and elegance that comes with this fireplace. The unit is of small size, hence relocating it will be hassle-free.


  • Easy to set up
  • Produce realistic images
  • Comes with an on and off remote control
  • Easy operation


  • No much heat produced

6. Adjustable Wall Mount and Free Standing Fireplace By Best Choice Product

This gorgeously crafted unit that comes in a wall-mount design and a free-standing model. In fact, it is one of the most affordable wall-mount heaters worth their name. Talk of price: The Best Choice Product Large goes for just a few dollars. With just 200 bucks you bag the unit.

If you’re into taking care of the environment, then this is the best alternative. It’s very energy efficient and emissions-free. The unit comes with both high and low heating options. A remote control gadget comes in handy to control any of these settings along with flame effects. The remote control also helps you operate the fireplace at the comfort of your bed or couch.

The front panel comes in handy with an elegant glass, which means that your children can play around it safely. The high-grade stainless steel exterior gives the fireplace a glossy black finish. This finish coupled with the tempered glass panel makes the unit irresistible to the eye.

The Best Choice large fireplace features a new 3D smart flame technology, and you just need to sit back and enjoy its vibrancy. The technology generates more realistic flames to mimic an original fireplace. Enjoy a practical experience at the smoldering and glowing amber bed, and soothing warmth. The Best Choice Large 1500 W fireplace makes up all you ever needed in a wall-mount fireplace. It will make your rooms heavenly and heat them during cold days and nights.


  • Cool to the touch
  • Energy efficient
  • Elegant modern design
  • Generates realistic 3-D flames


  • The package doesn’t include a mounting bracket

7. Wall-Mounted Infrared Quartz Fireplace Classic Flame 47II100GRG Felicity 47-inch 

The Classic Flame 47II100GRG fireplace is an amazing masterpiece that will give you a heavenly atmosphere in your house. It is 74 in and lets you maintain a moist and safe environment in your house. The best thing is that the fireplace is vent-less and doesn’t require any gas line, oil, or chimney.

For extra beauty in your house, you should have it wall-mounted. However, this is not the only option as it comes with a stand for a freestanding setup. Irrespective of whether the heat is on or not, you can enjoy views of rolling or pulsating flames anytime.

Not only does the Classic Flame 47II100GRG give extra beauty, but also a good source of supplemental heat for a room of up to 100 sq. ft. This fireplace uses infrared heating technology. This technology helps to maintain your room at a natural humidity.

Therefore, it keeps the room moist and comfortably warm without drying the air inside. A thermostat is included to control 3 infrared quartz elements. With the Spectafire you have a maximum of three blue flame brightness choices. The LED sidelight is an interesting feature. It glows a maximum of five color schemes: amber, blue, amber and blue, color alternating, and off.


  • Energy efficient
  • Produces a realistic flame with or without heat
  • Includes 5200 BTU rated heater
  • Comes with a slim-lime remote control


  • Flames look faux

8. Adjustable Wall Mounted Fireplace Giantex 35″ Xl Large 1500w 

This fixture is a subtle yet classic and will add some sophistication and character to your house. You’ll not get any other fireplace that’s functional and adds style to your room. You can use it to warm your bedroom, dining room, and living room. This is a small-wall mount fireplace, hence you can relocate it easily.

Even during summer, you should relax as you watch mesmerizing flames with no heat. Apart from heating your rooms, the 35-inch Giantex Xl Large is an exceptional decoration piece in any house. Forget about smoke filling your house. In fact, just do away with the wood chopping professionals. All that is possible since this fireplace runs on electricity, therefore making it 100% energy efficient. Not pollutant gasses, thus leaving you with a clean environment.

Set it up in a few minutes. You can fix it anywhere on the wall with the accompanying wall-mounting accessories. Once you set it up in place, use the remote control to control the heat output and heat intensity.

Depending on what you want in your room, you can either choose the low or high heat output. Get the amazing views as you change flame effects from soothing flames to roaring fire. 35-inch Giantex Xl Large care for you as it automatically shuts off in case of overheating. You can now fall asleep as you watch the flames knowing that it will finally shut off automatically. Having this unit in your room effortlessly improves its ambience and makes it attractive.


  • Uses remote control
  • Easy setup
  • Appealing to the eye
  • Inbuilt safety mechanism


  • Noisy operation

9. Valencia Wall-Mount Fireplace – The Warm House VWWF-10306 

The Warm House VWWF-10306 is a great fixture for your house. No enough words can describe this fireplace, but elegance, perfection, precision, and quality make up the long list. It comes packed with all the features that you’ll love. This widescreen wall-mount hearth generates a flickering effect with or without heat. The flames go up gloriously to create ambience in winter and summer.

You can adjust the brightness or fire intensity through the accompanying remote control. All-natural-effects with no backlighting are something else interesting about this unit. There are Four LED energy-efficient bulbs for illumination.

This fireplace generates thick fire logs that create a stunning glowing effect simulating authentic fire burning. It’s crafted with a tempered glass panel that’s resistant to heat and is cool to the touch. 3 heat options are available: Low, High or no heat. It can serve a room of up to 400 sq. ft. Once you get it out of the packaging, use the accompanying mounting accessories to fix it in place. The fireplace will revamp any of your rooms into a stunning getaway. You could even organize a romantic dinner with your loved ones around the ambience created by this unit.


  • Good looking
  • Easy installation
  • Easy to operate
  • Generates sufficient heat


  • Styrofoam forms on the glass

10. Gibson Living Soho 35 Inch Wall-Mount Fireplace

You can install this 35” fireplace in your bedroom, office or living room. It adds some vibrancy to your room and could make your friends envious. Its elegantly refined exterior adds a focal point in your house. This unit lets you enjoy ambient lighting effects by selecting either pebbles or a log. Its flame effects are the best and offer sufficient light in a dark room.


  • Vent-less and smokeless
  • Comes with a remote control
  • Operates with or without heat
  • Wall mounting accessories included


  • Not enough heat produced for a large room


If you’re looking for the best wall mounted fireplaces, it’s time you choose from this list. Each of the hearths are meticulously tested and reviewed. Each of these units will give your room a bold and unique style. With a majority of these units, you can even enjoy flame effects without heat.

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  1. Hey, I appreciate your all handwork reviewing these fireplaces,
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    1. Thanks Cynthia,

      We are glad that you found this blog helpful! Now coming to your questions.. I have shared a post on how much installations of fireplace cost you.

      Now the question arises is it problematic? – In most instances, you can employ these contemporary fires directly of the box since they plug into an ordinary plug socket. Though, you might wish to have an installer to fix the fire to the wall or seek the services of an electrician to fix a plug socket in a recess, on the back of the fire itself. This implies you will not have to observe the trailing wire, offering a clean finish.

    1. On a handful of models pride themselves of both possibilities; consequently, it is vital to know if you need to recess your unit or hang it like an ordinary picture frame. One apparent exclusion is the Dimplex Synergy 50 inch Wall Mount Fireplace, which permits both in-wall and surface-mount installations. Surface-mounted wall fireplaces usually are 4 to 7 inches thick though in-wall versions are deeper. Surface wall mounted fireplaces are well liked because they are stress-free to install plus can be shifted from one place to another.

    1. Most of the innovative electric fires are actually just a forward-thinking fan heater with adjustable settings. The flame one observes there is typically merely a visual effect that is shown through a screen that emulates that appearance of a standard open fire. One can control this fire image along with the heat offered out by employing buttons on the fire or utilizing a remote control that comes with most fires. You can similarly leave the visual fire on devoid of having the heat on, creating a homely sense and the look of a cozy and warm room even when one does not necessitate extra heat.

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