best wall mounted bedside lamps reviews

10 Best Wall Mounted Bedside Lamp Reviews

Maybe you end each day and night with your favorite book or 30 minutes to delve into fictional tales or factual information. After working all day, cozying up with a smoothly lit bedroom would ease you into a comfortable and relaxed state of mind, and there’s no better way to do this than with a wall mounted bedside lamp.

If you’re into reading late into the night at your bed, then this is the time you should think about your lighting. Good lighting can go a long way in making you feel comfortable as you read and help you understand every detail you read. The bedside lamps leave you with extra space on the table to keep your essentials. This could come in the form of a slim base or footprint, or a wall mount model that frees up the table-space altogether.

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Conventional lamps come with full heavy bases as well as fabric shades. They offer diffuse light that gives you an ambient glow that’s ideal for winding down with. However, modern lights come with industrial details, such as metal shades that are easy to angle and fabric-covered cables designed to a stunning feature.

If you’re looking for a wall-mount bedside lamp, then this text is for you. You should, however, remember that bedside lamps rarely come with bulbs. Therefore, you should look for a product with multiple types; hence making replacement easy.

Read on for a list of the best 10 wall-mount bedside lamps.

1. Kenroy Home 30100VB – Simple Wall-Mounted Bedside Lamps

If you want to free up your nightstand, then you should install this lamp on either side of your bed and is perfect for bedroom reading. It comes with cord cover to let you discreetly hide the wires to give your bedroom a professionally finished look.

Kenroy Home 30100VB - Simple Wall-Mounted Bedside Lamps


  • Measures 14” x 14” x 10”
  • Weighs 3.85 pounds
  • Vintage brass color
  • Drum-shaped
  • Voltage – 120 volts
  • Watt – 150 A
  • Comes with a wall swing arm lamp, a harp, a shade, and a cord cover

Easy swing technology: This lamp features an astounding 180-degree rotation. It also features two rotation points that allow the user to dial into the correct amount of light irrespective of task or activity.

Versatility and long-reach: This gorgeously detailed lamp comes with a fully extended reach of more than 2ft. to illuminate reading nooks, bedsides, relaxation spaces, and office areas with ease.

Modern design: Mixing the ideal balance of conventional functionality with smooth modern design, it’s bronze finish pairs elegantly with the sleek light tones of the 13” white shade to give a stunning wall lamp.


  • No batteries required
  • It’s adjustable to light required areas
  • Each product by Kenroy Home comes with an industry leading 1-year warranty and the Kenroy Home 30100VB Simplicity Wall Swing Arm Lamp isn’t an exception. You can even call their customer care team for help.


  • The swinging arm action feels very flimsy- doesn’t have a solid feeling that would inspire confidence
  • The shape is a bit too simple, where some users describe it as just simple paper

2. Acegoo Bedside Leading Lamp – Wall Mounted

If you’re looking for a light to illuminate the area of the page you’re reading, then go for this option. It has a focused illumination where its narrow beam produces a footprint lighting area on the page you’re reading. It doesn’t light up the entire bedroom so you don’t disturb your partner.

Acegoo Bedside Leading Lamp - Wall Mount


  • Measures 21” x 2.4” x 1.6”
  • Weight 13.6 ounces
  • Brushed nickel color
  • Number of lights – 1
  • Voltage – 120 volts
  • Metallic shade material
  • Touch switch style
  • Directional Lighting: you can easily position the flexible goose-neck of the Acegoo wall-mount bedside lamp to point the light directly to the reading material. This is to suit the various sit and lie positions in bed for a comfortable reading experience.
  • Touch dimmer switch: This lamp comes with a simple touch lamp holder base switch that allows you to turn the light on and off. You can touch and hold the switch to adjust the lighting to your preferred setting and brightness level.
  • Produces soft and comfortable light: It gives off a warm light that gives you a cozy feeling. You should set it to the relaxing light setting to stimulate your eye into relaxing more easily instead of its cool white light.
  • Minimalist design lamp: This lamp can either be wall mount or headboard surface mount to give you a clean and neat surrounding. Connect it to an adapter to start work. The adapter is included in the package.


  • The lamp is dimmable
  • 50000 hours average life
  • Doesn’t spread the light out to disturb your partner


  • A bit too pricey

3. Rosslyn Swing Arm Wall Mounted Bedside Lamps for Bedroom or Living Room

This lamp comes in a set of 2 plug-in style swing arm with an extension of up to 21”. The back plates are approximately 5 ½” wide while the shades are 5” at the top, 11” across the bottom, and 7 ½” in height. You can use one 60-watt standard medium base bulb, which isn’t included in the package.

Rosslyn Swing Arm Wall Mounted Bedside Lamps for Bedroom or Living Room

Inspired by the French countryside, the Rosslyn Swing Arm Wall Lamp is perfect for the bedroom and reading areas. Its swing-arm design allows you to move the lamp to your desired position. It comes in a bronze finish and resin construction. However, the cord cover isn’t included.


Weighs 8.8 pounds
Package dimensions– 20.3 x 13 x 11.2 inches
Brown color
Traditional style
Bronze finish
Plug-in electrical power source
Watt – 100 watts
Halogen/incandescent bulb type


  • No batteries needed
  • Comes with a swing-arm that allows you to position the lamp the way you want
  • Wall mounted- saves nightstand space


  • The anchor screws that come together as part of the installation hardware are a bit weak
  • The swing arm might feel too stiff in the early days of use

4. Clement Bronze Plug-in Swing Arm Wall Lamp Set of 2-360 Lighting

Each of the lamp of the Clement Bronze Plug-In Swing Arm Lamp 14” high and extends to about 25” from the wall. The back plate is 4 ½” high and 3” wide. The shades are 7” across at the top, 11” at the bottom, and 8” in height. The harp is 8” long.

Clement Bronze Plug-in Swing Arm Wall Lamp Set of 2-360 Lighting

Each of these lights uses one maximum 60-watt base bulb, which is not included in the package. There’s also a full range dimmer at the socket. It also features a set of two plugs in adjustable swing arms making it a modern farmhouse industrial style for your home.

The Clement Bronze wall lamp has an oil-rubbed bronze finish, white linen hardback shades, and an 8-foot brown cord. It’s ideal for bedrooms, dens, reading rooms, and living rooms.


  • Recommended bulbs – incandescent, halogen, or LED bulb
  • The lamp is only dimmable with only dimmable bulbs that are compatible- sold separately
  • Weighs 5.94 pounds
  • Package dimensions– 13.2 x 12 x 12 inches
  • Bronze color
  • Voltage – 220 volts
  • Shade material – fabric
  • Halogen/incandescent bulb type
  • Contemporary style

NOTE: You shouldn’t touch halogen bulbs with bare hands, otherwise premature bulb failure will occur


  • Adjustable fixture features
  • No batteries required
  • Swing it to your preferred position
  • Easy and simple to install


  • Installation screws and associated plaster shields look cheap- use heavier screws as the arm of the lamp is a bit stiff
  • Doesn’t come with cord covers

5. Plug-In Wall Mounted Bedside Lamps for Reading in Night

This is a swing arm wall sconce lamp that comes with a plug-in cord. You can either have it as a plug-in to move it easily within the house or hardwire it to the wall to give your room a long-lasting look. However, you can only adjust it up or down; there’s no left or right wing.

Plug-In Wall Mounted Bedside Lamps for Reading in Night

This plug-in wall lamp comes with conveniently mounted packs that make the installation very simple. You can mount it on either side of your bed to let you read, watch TV, use your wall space effectively. You can also hang it above your vanity mirror to help you put on your makeup.

This rustic wall sconce light is compatible with LED, halogen, CFL, and incandescent bulbs with E26 standard USA sockets. It is fully dimmable when you use it with a compatible dimmer switch. However, the bulbs and the switch aren’t sold together with the lamp.

It has an extensive application. Despite using it for bedside reading, the lamp is ideal for kitchen counter, bathroom, bedroom, living room, hallways office, restaurant, etc. Hardwired wall lamps are ideal for use on dry areas.

All the sockets and cords of the wall sconces are compliant with the UL standard and you get a 3-year warranty. You get a free replacement in case your product is damaged.


  • Black in color
  • Package dimensions – 8.5 x 6.7 x 6.5 inches
  • Bell-shaped
  • Weighs 1.96 pounds
  • Antique finish
  • Maximum watt – 60 watts
  • Volt – 120 volts


  • Adjustable
  • Multipurpose
  • It’s strong


  • The arms can swing up and down but not swing left or right

6. JACKYLED UL Black Hardwire Wall Mount Lamps 

JACKYLED wall lamps come with a 240-degree adjustable head, which you can use to maximize the lighting potentials by moving the light angle. You can also mount it as a mini ceiling light. It is made of superior quality brass and iron and baking paint finish. This solid metal construction makes this swing arm wall lamp very solid and durable. The package includes all the necessary installation accessories, such as screws, metal base cap, canopy, and brass socket.

JACKYLED UL Black Hardwire Wall Mount Lamps 


  • 5-year warranty: You also get a 30-day money back guarantee
  • Weighs 3.55 pounds
  • Dimensions – 13.8 x 4.6 x 8.7 inches
  • Baking paint finish
  • Wall sconce shape
  • Voltage – 250 volts
  • Watt – 100 watts
  • Vintage industry style: It combines both vintage and modern styles to make it a perfect décor for your bedroom, bathroom, coffee shop, living room, etc.
  • Comes with bulbs: The package includes 2 pieces of 4W LED Edison-style bulbs. You can, however, replace them with other E26 E27 bulbs depending on your preference.


  • Comes with 2 pieces of 4W LED bulbs
  • No batteries needed


  • Plug wires are not included

7. Kira Home Cambridge 13″ Swing Arm Wall Lamp – Plug in/Wall Mount

Kira Home Cambridge 13″ Swing Arm Wall Lamp features an opaque beige paper shade that directs light up or down but not through the shade. It also features an adjustable swing arm with black finish. You can either hardwire it or plug it in. It includes 4 12” cord covers to conceal the cords and clear plug-in wires. The lamp is smart plug and 3-way bulb compatible in order to adjust the brightness.

Kira Home Cambridge 13 inch Swing Arm Wall Lamp - Plug in Wall Mount

The Kira Home Cambridge 13″ Swing Arm Wall Lamp is UL listed for dry locations. It uses 1 CFL, LED, or up to 150W conventional incandescent base bulbs. The bulbs are however sold separately. It is ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, foyer, study rooms, and offices.


  • 1-year product warranty
  • Measures 25 x 13 x 14.5 inches
  • Weighs 2 pounds
  • Black in color
  • Shade material- paper
  • Corded electric power source
  • Watt – 150 watts


  • Smart plug and 3-way bulb compatible
  • 1-year product warranty
  • Its opaque beige paper shade directs light only up or downward and not through the shade
  • Easy and simple installation
  • Casts nice soft light


  • The pivot points may be a bit stiff

8. Rustic Vintage Design Wall Mount Bedside Lamps

It comes with a 60-inch cord hat has a toggle switch with a dimmable switch for your convenience. You don’t have to hunch forward to turn the lamp off or on. You can reach for the switch easily without having to put a lot of strain on your back. It doesn’t require any assembly; you just need to fix the light bulb and hang it on your unused wall space.

Rustic Vintage Design Wall Mount Bedside Lamps

Fortunately, the switch, the accordion, and the cord are already assembled on the lamp. The lamp is ready to hang with the accompanying mounting screws.

  • Strong construction: This vintage accordion lamp features a 60-inch cord and you can extend the accordion to about 14” from the wall. This makes it perfect for reading, therefore, you can mount it at the back of your sofa or bed and read with convenience. The lamp is dimmable to provide the perfect amount of light ideal for your bedroom.
  • Multipurpose: Apart from your bedroom, you can use this lamp over your sewing machine, nightstand, chair, or desk.


  • Measures 9.8” x 8.5” x 10.7”
  • Weighs 3.5 pounds
  • Black in color
  • Material – Plastic
  • Matte finish
  • The light bulb is included
  • Watt – 60 watts
  • Voltage 110 volts


  • Adjustable light direction
  • Its vintage design brings you a lot of compliments


  • Bulb not dimmable

9. Contemporary Adjustable Head Plug-In Bedside Lamp

The candelabra design is just what you needed to add a contemporary look and style to your bedroom. You can mount these scones on unused wall space in your bedroom, living room, home office, and nursery. Each light comes with a 300LM 3W LED bulb with an E12 socket base.


Contemporary Adjustable Head Plug-In Bedside Lamp

These are energy efficient bulbs that will help cut down on your energy bill by 60%, and have a 5-year service life. When you order the package, you’ll receive and an extra bulb for each lamp, which makes it a total of 4 light bulbs.

Bedside lamp: Why should you use the available space on your space-starved nightstand while you can use the Contemporary Adjustable Wall Lamp that doesn’t require accent tables and nightstands? You can mount one lamp on either side of your bed, so your reading before sleep becomes an amazing habit.


  • Weighs 2.65 pounds
  • White in color
  • Measures 12.1” x 10.7” x 6”
  • Cone Shaped
  • Chrome finish
  • Voltage – 110 volts
  • Corded electric power source
  • Watt – 40 watts


  • No batteries needed
  • Inexpensive: When you compare them with their competitors, these chromed finished lamps are sold at an affordable price.
  • Easy to install: The lamps don’t require any hard assembly or installation. You can easily mount them on your bedroom walls hassle-free.


  • Bulb not dimmable

10. Sully Warm Brass Plug-in Wall Lamp – 360 Lighting

The Sully Warm wall lamp is 19” high with backplates measuring 5” wide. The lamp head is 6 1/2” high extending a minimum of 12” and a maximum of 15”. The lamp comes with an 8-foot clear cord. You can use one maximum 40-watt base bulb, which you buy separately.

Sully Warm Brass Plug-in Wall Lamp - 360 Lighting

If you’re using this lamp for reading while you’re in bed, you can control the lighting thanks to its in-line dimmer switch. It features a warm brass finish. You can move its head up, down, left, and right, but the arm doesn’t rotate.


  • Golden color
  • You can use a halogen or incandescent bulb
  • Watt – 40 watts


  • Lamps are of good quality
  • Easy and simple installation
  • Holds firmly on the wall


  • The arm doesn’t rotate
  • A customer says that the dimmer doesn’t work well with an LED non-dimming bulb

Buying a wall mount bedside lamp is the way to go if you’d want to keep your nightstand free of clutter and use it to keep your essentials. If you’re into reading while in bed, then you should look for dimmable lamps that allow you to adjust the lighting depending on your preference.

9.2/10 - (30 votes)

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