5 Best Wall mount kitchen faucet-

5 Best Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet Reviews

Water is a necessity in the kitchen that we need on a daily basis. To control usage and flow, you need a wall mount kitchen faucet. It is important to install the best design that is not challenging to operate.

A faucet enables you to access water into your sink in controlled quantities whenever you need to use it. Maybe you have had an old faucet that is not functioning now. It is important to update your kitchen with a contemporary faucet. The latest variety is the wall-mount design which saves you space and makes usage simple.

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Installation is easy because you simply follow a few steps. Basically, you have a complete set of hardware that is shipped after you buy then you connect the accessories to come up with a complete facet. You just screw it to the wall and you are good to go. Tighten all the joints to prevent leakage. A faucet creates a local water supply that you control at the point of usage and helps to conserve water.

Best Wall Mount Kitchen Faucets

Amazon is the place to buy the best models of kitchen faucets. The review describes 5 best faucets to mount on the wall of your kitchen and enjoy the great features that characterize them. The manufacturers are vetted and comply with the international standards of making products.

Amazon is the most reliable and easily accessible business partner on the web that you can count on anytime for different categories of commodities, whether office or domestic. Make your choice for a flawless faucet and any other products.

1. DELTA FAUCET Peerless P299305LF Choice Two Handle Kitchen Faucet, Chrome

DELTA FAUCET is an unparalleled kitchen facet with great demand in the Amazon as a result of its unique design and durability. This is the best touch for your kitchen sink. It has standard dimensions of 2.7 x 11.4 x 16.7 inches and weighs 4.77 pounds.

This is the best faucet model in the Peerless series to mount simply on your kitchen wall. Peerless P299305LF is a simple wall-mount that comes with two handles. It is a great choice for a replacement or first-time installation. Many pieces have been sold and the demand so far exceeds the supply but be sure to get yours if you order.

DELTA FAUCET Peerless P299305LF Choice Two Handle Kitchen Faucet, Chrome


  • Top-notch ADA-Compliant Faucet
  • 1.8 GPM; 6.8 L/min
  • Vermont & California Low-Lead Legislation Compliance
  • Limited Warranty for Faucet & Finish Lifetime
  • Durable Brass Construction
  • CALGreen Standard Product


  • Attractive chrome construction
  • Considerable outlet capacity
  • Affordable faucet


  • Multi-choice models of the same brand: traditional, transitional and contemporary models

2. Kingston Brass KS213C Victorian Kitchen Faucet, 7’’

Kingston KS213C Faucet is a timeless product with a blend of antique and contemporary design and characteristics that give your kitchen a good impression. This is another incredible product from the popular Magellan Collection.

It has a ceramic disk cartridge with a dual metal cross. The spout height is 4 9/16 ‘’ and the spout reach is 6 15/16 ‘’. It has 2 holes of 6’’. The item weighs 3.79 pounds with the dimensions 8.5 x 7 x 4.8 inches. The lever is wide-spread with a standard head style and 2 holes.

Kingston features solid brass construction and corrosion-free polished chrome finish for durability. Water flow is maintained by a removable aerator beneath the headpiece of the spout. The flow rate is 1.8 GPM.

Buy this wall mount faucet to enjoy functionality and aesthetics. The product comes with a 10-year limited warranty.

Kingston Brass KS213C Victorian Kitchen Faucet, 7’’


  • 1.8 GPM/6.8 LPM Water Flow Rate (at 60 PSI)
  • ¼ Turn Ceramic Disc Cartridge
  • 3 5/8 to 8 ½ inches Adjustable Spread and 11 inches Spout Reach off the Wall
  • 7 inches Swivel Spout
  • California Energy Commission Title 20 Compliance


  • Sleek angular spouts and small escutcheons
  • Choice of Different Color Finishes: satin nickel, oil rubbed bronze, polished brass, and polished chrome
  • Cherished antique look


  • A little challenging to mount

3. IMLEZON Wall Mount Kitchen Sink Brass Faucet

This is a faucet with an extraordinary touch providing you with a lasting solution for your kitchen. It is one of the fast sellers in the Amazon with a 5-year product warranty.

IMLEZON faucet features a pull-down system consisting of a sprayer that is flexible as you clean and rinses utensils of all designs. There are rubber nozzles that prevent the build-up of limescale and for easy maintenance. The spout can go round the sink.

IMLEZON stands out from other facets because of double handles- one for cold water and the other for the hot water, as you prefer. The construction is complex but convenient to operate as well as durable.

Check your package for the following mounting hardware: spray valve, swing nozzle, bent pipe, finger hook, lever handle, ring, wall bracket, riser pipe, add-on faucet, 3-inches tube, and spare parts. IMLEZON weighs 11.5 pounds with dimensions 26.5 x 13.7 x 13.7 inches, and the flow rate is 1.42 GPM.

This is a rare solution providing you with the option of warm water rather just cold water for other brands.

IMLEZON Wall Mount Kitchen Sink Brass Faucet


  • Sturdy Brass Construction & Rust-free Finish
  • Flexible Metal Tubing & Outlet Pipe that Rotates 360 degrees
  • Leak-free Construction
  • Mounts with 8’’ Central Hole Distance that is Adjustable
  • Easy installation


  • Diversity in flow supplying cold and hot water in different handles (blue and red respectively)
  • No Leakage
  • Impressive Appearance


  • IMLEZON is a bit expensive compared to other facets

4. SARLAI S0005F Stainless Steel Pot Filler Brushed Nickel Faucet

Sarlai faucet is among the best and affordable facet brands with modern designs. The spouts extend 20’’ and it has 2 ceramic disk valves for smooth turning to prevent dripping.

A brass frame and nickel finish comprise an elegant construction that has an aesthetic advantage in your kitchen. Sarlai features a Swiss aerator to provide strong pressure and smooth flow of water. It has a weight of 7.9 pounds and the measurements are 12.5 x 7.9 x 3.7 inches.

Buy this item to install in your kitchen at a 100% money-back guarantee.

SARLAI S0005F Stainless Steel Pot Filler Brushed Nickel Faucet


  • Double Jointed Spout
  • Brass Construction
  • Stainless Steel Finish
  • One Hole Mount


  • Sarlai has a presentable design
  • Single hole facet


  • It has a one-way flow of water – no diversity

5. 7”-9” Chrome-Finish Plumb USA 33326AB Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet

Plumb USA faucet consists of a simple Brass construction that is easy to install and use. This is one of the most affordable items to purchase in the Amazon. The wall-mount design makes it convenient for installing to use with your sink for washing utensils. It is a perfect fit for any replacement.

7”-9” Chrome-Finish Plumb USA 33326AB Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet


  • 7’’ to 9’’ Adjustable Wall-Mount Water-saver Aerator
  • Sturdy Ceramic Disc Cartridges
  • 2.0 GPM Flow Rate (60 PSI pressure)
  • Compliant to California AB1953 Plumbing Law


  • Plumb USA is cheap
  • It has a water-saving aerator


  • No extra modifications besides the outlet tube

Buying Guide

If you want to purchase a wall mount faucet particularly for your kitchen it is important to consider a few relevant factors. The factors include:

  • The body

The material used to make a faucet determines how durable it is. Brass is the best for the strongest structure. For the finish, stainless steel does well. A chrome finish enhances the beauty of a faucet.

When you mount the appliance properly it allows the flow of water efficiently without leaking hence cleaning is easy and thorough.

  • Number of handles

Two handles increase the capacity of an outlet than just a single handle. For some brands of faucets such as IMLEZON one handle supplies cold water and the other is connected to a power source to supply hot water.

Water flow per minute also matters. At least 6 LPM would quicken your kitchen chores.

  • Preference

In the shop, there are already many varieties of faucets. There is also a series of models by a particular brand. Therefore, experience may help you to make a decision and also you may go for the most presentable faucet.

The color might also be a factor to consider because of the decoration in the kitchen. You have the final say for personal tastes in a collection of nice and efficient brands of faucets.

  • Quality Standards

The relevant legislation on the product in your state should be a key factor to consider for your health benefits. You may prioritize on items that meet the international standards because they sell globally via Amazon.

  • Leak-proof

A leaking faucet is quite troublesome and keeps your sink unnecessarily soaked. This is a common phenomenon in most homes.

Definitely, you need a lasting solution to this limitation and the way out is by selecting tight faucet that is not prone to break down in a short span. Always turn off the flow tightly to leave your sink clean.


Q1. What are the merits of a wall mount faucet?

A wall mount faucet is better than other designs because it is more friendly to the user. You can easily adjust it to your preferred height and you may also unmount anytime to free space.

Q2. Does it have a warranty?

Yes, 3-5 years’ warranty but it varies with brand. Check the warranty terms and duration on the label of your package.

Q3. Will this solve the problem of leakage?

Absolutely! Actually, most customers buy new faucets to replace the old leaking ones. It is important to buy the best fit and fit it firmly at a different position on the wall adjacent to the sink for efficient services.

 Q4. Is it fit for my wall?

Yes. It’s a matter of fixing connecting the parts of the faucet and attaching to the wall. You require nipples that will protrude from the wall then you mount the faucet on them. The accessories have taken care of all types of walls to see to it that you are not left out. Perhaps the only issue would be the colour of wall painting. When you go for chrome or shiny stainless steel finish it will not go contrary to your décor.

Q5. Will it manage the cold and hot water separately?

IMLEZON brand is the ultimate solution for that combination. The two lines will operate independently and effectively as they ought hence you can use the line that you need with your cleaning.


Faucets are necessary for every kitchen to manage cleaning without much strain. The wall mount faucets are more preferred nowadays because of the limited space in many kitchens.

Amazon is the depot of kitchen faucets, especially the wall mount design. The items sold here are made in accordance with the relevant legislation. They exceed the quality standards hence they are appropriate for use in your kitchen. A faucet makes your work easier when you are at a proximity to control the water flow and even clean one item at a time.

If you consider a facelift for your kitchen, one of the 5 best faucets reviewed could be your perfect solution. There is an assortment of other brands still in the Amazon.

Visit the Amazon website, place your order, relax and wait for the delivery to your home. Observe proper maintenance and enjoy durability with your choice of the kitchen faucet.

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