Best Wall Mount Ironing Boards Review

Best Wall Mounted Ironing Board For 2023

The wall-mounted ironing board cabinet wouldn’t have come at a better time than this. Your ironing just got easier and better with a wall-mounted ironing board. You only need to open it and lock it in place, and you get a tailor-made ironing board with cabinets to hang your freshly ironed clothes.

6 Best Wall-Mounted Ironing Board – Best Buy In 2023

This list of the best six wall-mounted ironing boards has been developed. All the products listed in this detailed review have high customer satisfaction, are renowned across the world, and are crafted by producers that are committed to their work in the industry with a long-standing track record of exceptional customer satisfaction and top-quality products.

Let’s begin our top quality wall-mounted ironing board list.

1.  3-Shelves Wall-Mounted Ironing Board By USAFlagCases

This comes with an in-built ironing board cabinet, therefore you shouldn’t worry about leaving your wall-mounted ironing board in the open and taking up the available space in your house. It’s made of wood and designed perfectly for any office or home. It features three shelves and you can recess or mount it in anywhere in your home or office. It comes with mounting accessories, padding, and a cover.


  • Since it is made of raw wood, it’s therefore easy to clean and maintain and has a long service life. The shelves are also sturdy and durable because they are made from Birch plywood.
  • The ironing board is easy to set up in place and you can do it anywhere. The cabinet protrudes just 6.5 Inches from the wall.
  • If you’re not comfortable with the way the cabinet opens, you can move the hinges from right to left. It also comes with sufficient shelve area to keep your ironing essentials. The package is however inclusive of the mounting hardware, the pad, and the cover.


  • Weighs – 33 pounds
  • Measures – 44x14x4 inches
  • Made by North Texas Woodcrafters

The product is designed for:

Home Use: You can mount it in your laundry area or bathroom if you’d really want to press your clothes from there.

You can mount it in the office: If you have to change attires between tasks, it’s undoubtedly you need to mount this ironing board in the office bathroom.


  • Sturdy as it’s made of plywood, and has a solid base
  • Perfectly built
  • Comes with more padding than any other ironing board
  • Comes with an unfinished surface, hence you can paint it to blend into your decor


  • Door’s particle wood should be painted as it cannot be stained
  • Manual doesn’t have enough details for those who never mounted the board
  • Four mounting screws aren’t enough as the cabinet feels too heavy

2. Easy to Setup Wall-Mount Ironing Board 

This product is set up on walls to keep ironing boards as well as other ironing supplies. It protrudes only 3 inches from the wall when it’s mounted.

Features :

  • This wall-mounted ironing board folds up into a custom cabinet
  • You can mount it on walls in any room.
  • No opening on the wall has to be made to mount the ironing board.
  • The board is made of wood and is slim.
  • Has enough area for the ironing board and other essentials.

Benefits of this ironing board

  • Easy to set up and use
  • The cabinet is mounted on the wall while the ironing board folds up into it
  • The cabinet has a slim design
  • For durability, the ironing board is made of wood


  • It measures 14x3x48 inches
  • Weighs 40 pounds
  • Crafted by the Iron A Way Inc.

The board is designed for homes, offices, or dorm rooms that need an ironing board with a custom storage cabinet. The unit is easy to set up with little or no maintenance costs.

FAQs about this product

Q1. What material is the cabinet surface?

The unit is made of Birch Wood and comes unfinished

Q2. Can I reverse the door?

Yes. You simply have to remove the hinges as well as the magnet and set them up where you want.

Q3. Does the product include a box shelf for the ironing box?


Q4. Is the board padded or not?

Yes. The board is padded and has a cover.


  • This wall-mount ironing board saves space. You can press your garments in your bathroom or walk-in closet without having to relocate the ironing board.
  • This wall-mounted ironing board works perfectly for any garment. You can iron virtually iron anything including your shirts and dresses.


  • The unit is a bit heavy for the few installation screws included
  • The door’s trim has staples instead of nails
  • Installation is a bit challenging as the unit is quite heavy

3. Foldaway Wall-Mounted Ironing Board By Eureka_MFG Compact

This is a well-designed compact foldaway ironing board that’s wall-mounted. Owing to its small size, it is suitable for people living in small rooms. This product is easy to fold down in seconds and it’s suitable for installation in bathrooms, caravans, boats, apartments, kitchens, laundry areas, and walk-in wardrobes.

You can set up this wall-mounted ironing board at a height you’re comfortable with. You should leave an allowance height of 34 ½” to allow you to fold down the board.


  • It’s supplied fully assembled
  • It protrudes about 38mm from the wall surface when you fold it down.
  • The ironing board measures 810×300 mm
  • Comes with UK-made metallic grey cotton board cover
  • You get a 1-year guarantee
  • Crafted in Ireland


  • High-quality ironing board cover
  • Easily folded away after use

You can mount this fold-down board on timber frame walls, masonry or at the back of a door. Since the unit comes fully assembled, you simply need to set it up.

4. Fold Down/Fold-Away Ironing Board by Lifestyle

The Fold Away wall-mounted ironing board from Lifestyle is easy to set up at your preferred height. It folds up to save you constricted floor space, so it’s suitable for small rooms.


  • The ironing board is mountable on a wall, and you can choose any height above the floor level
  • The design is easy to use and folds up to save you space
  • This ironing board comes with a padded cover, an iron test, and a wall cover


  • Sturdy, therefore it’s durable
  • Suitable for the physically challenged since it can be mounted at any height
  • You can swivel this board 180 degrees, so you can use it at a specific angle dictated by the available space


  • Weighs about 25 pounds (11.34kgs)
  • Measures 30x18x4.5 inches
  • Made by Snow Joe LLC

The product is made for :

Physically Challenged: You mount the ironing board at your preferred height hence suitable for anyone who might need to press their clothes at any height.

Home with limited Space: The ironing board folds away and swivels at any angle to fit in the available area.


Q1. How far does this wall-mounted ironing board protrude out of the wall?

It only protrudes for about 50 inches. Furthermore, it folds away and swivels so it’s out of the way at all times.

Q2. How does it behave under pressure?

Can it drop under pressure? Yes. You should screw the board firmly into your preferred wall and you’ll achieve a stable working surface even for long-pressing hours.

Q3. Does the square edge of this ironing board bother me while ironing?

Not at all! It is fixed on the wall so you can move it around while ironing and achieve the best angle.

Q4. Can I mount it at the back of the door?

Yes, if your door is firmly fixed and strong, then you can effortlessly mount the board. Alternatively, mount it on drywall.


  • This ironing board can withstand long hours of folding, unfolding, and even rotations. It’s, therefore, an authentic product for everyday pressing for dresses, shirts, and skirts.
  • It perfectly fits into little spaces such as laundry areas and closets. It has no legs, hence folds against the wall. You can iron your shirts hassle-free since you can use the board’s edge and pull up the shirt extensively since it has no legs.
  • The model is mountable, therefore, no need to move the board around as with the conventional models. In addition, it’s easy to maintain the unit.
  • Easy installation. This ironing board will take you 15 minutes to properly fix the board to any height.
  • It has enough padding, and the board comes with a cover


  • The edge of the ironing board is too wide for pressing shoulders of skirts.
  • Applying too much pressure while ironing can collapse the board.
  • Not completely flat when you fold it.

5. Best Wall Mount Ironing Board By Hafele

This product is branded as an area-saving ironing board that’s easy to mount on a wall. The pressing surfaces are 37” long and about 12” wide. You can fold it up when not in use. Fold it to almost 13” wide, which is the bracket’s width, and about 21” high and about 5” deep.

The board’s frame is made of steel with an epoxy coating to improve its service life. The board comes with a cover and can swivel up to 90 degrees either to the right or to the left. This implies that the board can be locked at any position within this perimeter. Both left and right-handers can comfortably use this board since it can swivel in both left and right directions.


  • Several buyers find it heavy and solid. The board doesn’t move or bang like an over-the-door model. It’s perfect for regular ironing.
  • Can fit in the tight area: This model isn’t that big, therefore, it fits in tight areas. The reason why you’d go for a wall-mount ironing board is to save space, while at the same time giving you enough place for ironing. Luckily, this is exactly what you get with the Hafele Wall-Mounted Ironing Board.
  • You can lock it in any position: The board can swivel 90 degrees left and right, which gives you freedom on where to set it up. once you swivel it around and find the most comfortable position, lock it into position and press your clothes.
  • You can fold the board after use. Fold it into 2 and push it against the wall at the center. Alternatively, fold it up parallel to the wall in case you had swiveled it 90 degrees to the right or left. The unit comes with flexibility for you to select the size and depth you’re comfortable with when it’s folded.


  • Doesn’t really match standard studs: The board is not sufficiently wide to match the 16-inch studs. Therefore, you may have to improvise, which is a bit inconvenient. You may have to find a wooden board and set it up into studs before fixing the ironing board. There are various ways of setting up the board, but of course not as straightforward as you’d hoped.
  • Costly: The Hafele Wall-Mounted Ironing Board is a bit expensive compared to conventional ironing boards.

6. Household Essentials StowAway Ironing Board Cabinet

This unit is a bit different from the Hafele model. The StowAway ironing board comes with a cabinet to stuck it away. Therefore, you mount the cabinet on the wall. You get a chance to choose the color of the ironing cabinet to blend into your home décor. The ironing cabinet measures 47.9” high, 15.9” wide, and 7.8” deep.

The accompanying ironing cabinet features 2 inbuilt shelves you can use to keep your iron box and other accessories. The board is foldable upwards and sits facing the shelves vertically. It comes with an ironing surface measuring 11.75”x41”. You can swivel the board 90 degrees right or left to accommodate left and right-handers. You can as well adjust the height to accommodate all users.


  • Appealing to the eye: The unit appears classy with its wooden design, and different colors. It fits in any room to blend into other furniture.
  • Good price: Though not perfect, but the price it’s selling at is attractive and decent to keep.
  • Easy to install
  • You can store hot iron: There is a high-heat resistant lining on the shelf where you can keep a hot iron instead of having to wait for it to cool. This helps you to conveniently put all your accessories back into the shelves and stow away the board immediately after ironing.
  • Swivels in both directions and height are adjustable: Even after setting it up, you can adjust the height of the ironing board up 2”. This makes it suitable for all users.


  • Made of cheap materials: Although the unit appears attractive, by close inspection the materials look cheap. The side surfaces are made from MDF and a thin layer of veneer, which could get torn or bubbled. The hinges are made of plastic and the screws can be made better.
  • Iron might not fit: A large iron might not fit into the shelf. Check the dimensions well before buying.
  • Not very strong: Although the board is not precisely flimsy, but gives way a little when you really press down during ironing.

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Wall-mounted ironing boards have become exceptionally famous as basic augmentations for modern homes. It’s important you consider having a wall-mounted ironing board for your home or office use.

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